Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is Easter?

Last night was a hectic night. I was in the process of switching out the kids' summer and winter wardrobes. Their room was a mess. There were clothes everywhere--piles I was keeping for next summer, clothes I was selling, stuff to put away. Tessa turns into a super cling-on when she's tired, so she was holding onto my arm for dear life while I was trying to get everything organized so they could get to bed.

It was one of those nights where I was just SO. TIRED. You know the days where you haven't really done much but your brain is tired, your body is tired and your bones are weary? I put Tessa in bed after she'd been fussing for 15 minutes and she fell asleep immediately. I stood back and looked at their room, trying not to cry because it was such a mess and I had zero energy left to deal with it. They had taken out of their book case and had scattered them all over the floor. I got Tommy to help me put them away with the promise that we could pick one book to read.

He picked up a book about Easter and asked what it was called. I said, "It's called The Story of Easter." He thought for a second and kept picking up books and said, "Mommy, what is Easter?" Sigh. My palms started sweating, my heart beat picked up and I had no idea what to say. It was one of those moments that I knew I could minister awesomely to my child but was so scared of messing it up or having him ask a question I couldn't answer. I started explaining that Easter was a celebration about when Jesus died for our sins and rose again so we could live in Heaven. And from there, it just got better and better....

Tommy: "Dhy?!? Dhy did Desus die?"
Me: "Because people didn't like him and didn't believe in Him the way we do. They wanted to see   him get in trouble."
Tommy: "Dat is mean, Mommy."
Me: "Yeah, it is mean. But since He died for our sins, we get to live in Heaven with Him someday!That will be awesome!
Tommy: "Who lives in Heabin?"
Me: "God and Jesus and angels. And Grampy and Aunt Becky! We'll get to see them again!!"
Tommy: "What do we do in Heabin?"
Me: "Talk to God! And sing and dance!"

He takes a few seconds to ponder everything he's been told. I can tell he's not following 100%, but his little mind is trying to wrap itself around it all.

Tommy: "WHERE is Heabin?"
Me: "We think it's high in the sky."
Tommy: "Up dere?!?" pointing to his ceiling.
Me: "Yup."
Tommy: "Dhy is it up dere?"
Me: "That's just where God wanted it."

He thinks again and I can see that something REALLY big is brewing in his eye. I start tucking him into bed and pulling his sheet up to his chin. We kiss good night and as I'm walking away.......

Tommy: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yeah, babe?"
Tommy: "Does Dod have a baseball bat?........Does Dod play baseball in Heabin?"
Me: trying not to laugh and cry at the sweetness and innocence of my baby "I bet He does!"

He sighs and rolls over.

Tommy: "I will ask Daddy. Daddy will know if dere's baseball in Heabin. Night, night. Sweet neams, mama."

I love this kid.


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