Monday, October 7, 2013

Tessa-14 months

Oops. I missed 13 months. I don't know if I have the time or energy to do this every month any more! My little girl is growing so fast and keeping me quite busy!

At 13 months, you:

*got your first ear infection. I had scheduled an appointment for Tommy because he was acting sick and figured I'd have you seen because you bound to get what he had. You weren't even acting sick. But the doctor looked in your left ear for about 5 seconds and declared you had one of the worst ear infections he's ever seen and he couldn't believe you were up and moving around and smiling. Poor baby.

*are weighing around 22 lbs and are about 29 1/2 inches. You're getting really tall!!

*are still bow-legged. It's especially clear since we've been putting you in leggings.

*are saying quite a few words--dog (goguh!), yuck (guck), mama, dada, nana, bubba, bath (bah!), uh-oh, uh-uh (like saying no when asked if you want to do something).

*are getting feisty. SO feisty. Your attitude is hilariously un-intimidating. When you get mad, you ball your little fist up and hit whatever's closest to you, all while maintaining eye contact with whoever you're mad at. We're trying to discipline you when you do that, but it's so funny that I usually have to walk away so you don't see me laughing.

*get SO sullen in your car seat. It's the weirdest thing. You'll be giggly and laughing and then we put you in your car seat and we get this........

*are in size 5 shoes. Big feet! You wear mostly size 18 month clothes. You can still fit in some 12 month pants, but they're pretty short on you :)

*getting a little pickier about what you eat. You still love green beans, corn, bread and macaroni, but you used to eat anything and everything. Now you're becoming more conscious of the texture of things and have been spitting out a lot of meat.

*climbing the stairs like a pro. I'm not confident enough yet to let you do it without someone behind you, but you do really good!

*getting long, curly hair. I LOVE it! Although it's kind of hard to maintain because it gets super crazy sometimes! We've been doing lots of pigtails!!

*can point to your ears, nose, mouth, eyes, hands, feet, fingers, toes and hair when asked! Smart girl!

*are able to find stuff we ask you about in books. You have a picture book and can find almost everything we say--the truck, shoes, dog, cat, etc. You get really quiet and serious while you're searching for it.

*getting more cuddly. You haven't always been into snuggling or hugging, but now you've started giving really big open mouth kisses (sometimes with tongue--ew) and you hug tight around our necks. It's the best feeling ever!

*are becoming more of a daddy's girl. You are usually VERY attached to mommy, but lately you've realized that Daddy takes you outside more and lets you do lots of fun stuff, so you've started branching out a bit :) He let you "drive" to the pond the other day and you were SO happy about that.

*still obsessed with shoes. I finally moved your shoes baskets out of the cabinet in your room to the very top of the shelves so you can't reach them. It looks a little messier, but you were dumping out the whole bucket (and Tommy's too) at LEAST 4 times a day to play in them. It was driving me NUTS!

*have become quite the cheeser. You know what the camera is now and I get this face a lot....

*are still a great sleeper. You go to bed between 9 and 9:30pm and sleep through the night until 7:30am. You would sleep later if it wasn't for your brother (and DO sleep late when he's gone!). Love it, love it, LOVE it!

*have a weird obsession with your brother's underwear. I know you just see him wearing it and want to do what he's doing, but whenever he takes them off or leaves a pair out, you grab them and try to put them on or carry them around with you through the house. Okay when they're clean.....disgusting when they're not. I finally put a pair on over your diaper the other day and you thought you were SUCH a big girl!

Tessa, you're a silly, sweet, funny, ornery, spunky, spicy little girl that we love to death! I can't wait to see your "little" personality develop even more over the next year!

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