Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini vacay

Last weekend, we had a little miniature get away. I wish I was having another one this weekend. My mom, sister and the kids and I all went to Kansas City to see Whitney and have some family bonding time.

We crammed three adults and two car seats into Brooke's new SUV and left Friday around 6:30pm. It was raining and storming the whole way there. Which I loved, except a few times when it was raining so hard that we couldn't see. But Brooke did great at driving and I got to relax in the passenger seat while Nana entertained the kiddos in the back.

We went to sleep not long after we got there. It took longer than we planned since we were slowed down by rain and construction a few times and we were worn out. But we woke up bright and early the next morning. Mom watched the kids while Whitney and I went to a few thrift stores. I don't think Whitney had QUITE as fun of a time as I did, but I was in heaven! Love thrift shopping!! I found 2 shirts for myself and 7 or 8 dresses for Tessa that were in perfect condition. It's the challenge of the hunt that I love!

After we got home, we all got around and headed to the zoo. I was so excited because it was the first time Tommy would be old enough to know what was going on and it was Tessa's first time at all at the zoo. They both loved it!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Tessa's face in this picture?


I wasn't super impressed by the zoo. It was REEEEAAALLLY big, but the animals were so spread out. We spent five hours there and really didn't get to see that much because you had to walk so far to get to each animal. But they also had a train and carousel. Tommy loved both of them and Tessa had fun, but wasn't too sure about the carousel.
I think we rode it no less than 6 times. I was starting to get a little dizzy :) But it's so fun watching my kids experience new things. I feel like as an adult, the wonder of the little things in life has really started to wear off. And now I get to watch them enjoy it and it feels new again!

Just a few random shots from the day........
After we trudged the 2 miles uphill back to the car, we dropped Nana and the kids off at Whitney's and us girls headed out for dinner and a movie.

I cheated on my diet with a delicious chimichanga smothered in jalapeno cream cheese sauce. And LOTS of chips and salsa. And it was worth the two pounds I gained (and lost again!). Then we went to the most awesome theater to see We're the Millers. Which is hilariously inappropriate. Do not take anyone under 18. But SO funny. The theater was really beautiful. And the bathrooms were awesome--each toilet stall had it's own sink and hand dryer and was huge. Then at each theater, you had a table in front of your seats and you could order throughout the movie. We had the most delicious popcorn. Loved the whole evening!


We got home and the kids were asleep, so us girls just stayed up and talked and laughed. It was perfectly perfect.

The next morning, we slept in a little and then went and got breakfast. We left after we ate to go shopping again. Mom found a little area with a bunch of animated rides. The kids loved it and could have stayed there all day.

But I was SO ready to get home and see Nick and lounge around for awhile. Does anyone else feel like they need a vacation to relax after their vacation?

It was an awesome weekend with one of our favorite ladies. Thanks for hosting us, Whit!

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