Thursday, October 3, 2013

BIG personality

As an "almost 3 year old", Tommy is coming into his own. His little personality has become a lot bigger (so has his mouth!). He's at a really hilarious stage right now that either has us laughing or fuming at any given point in the day.

*He's potty trained now (Praise God!!) and while that's awesome, it's also led to a lot of nakedness. The other day, he ran into the bedroom like this.......

That's the monkey that Brooke and Michael got him from Jamaica. Silly boy :)

*If he does something that bothers or hurts one of us, I'll say, "Ouch, that hurt mommy." And he says, "Ha! Sorry 'bout dat."

*I bought a book at a garage sale called Strawberry Freckleface Plays Dodgeball. He wants to read it every night. There's a part in there where she pretends she's a monster and says, "Roooooaaarr!! I'm a monster and I don't care!" Now he says that allllllll the time. Except he says he's a lion or a doggy or a chicken and HE DOESN'T CARE!! It's usually when he's getting in trouble too.

*whenever he pees or poops in the potty, he gets a little treat. As soon as he's done, he jumps off the potty and says (imagine this being said in an announcer's voice), "I get some NAAAAAANDY!!!!" and runs as fast as he can to the kitchen.

*When I'm taking a picture and tell him to smile, this is what he does.........

*His attitude has been really bad lately. Like, he's pretty good most of the day, but when he's bad.....he's BAD. VERY mouthy. So we're working on it, but these are a few of the phrases he throws out on a regular basis when he's in trouble:

"This is MY house and I not gonna to listen."
"No I NOT sitting in time out till you say I come out. No. I. NOT!"
"You are mean, Mommy!"--to this, I ask him if he wants to go live with another mommy since he thinks I'm so mean. Then his story changes to, "No! Udder mommies is mean!! You are NOT mean. I don't want to live wif udder mommies!" Yeah. That's what I thought.
"I don't LIKE to say sorry! I don't WANT to."
"Grrrrr! I am a lion and I. don't. CARE!"--I kind of want to rip up the Freckleface Strawberry book

*He's starting to want to pick out his clothes. I've got him trained to an extent...if I try to put on his gray and orange tennis shoes but there's no orange in his shirt, he says, "Hey! This doesn't match!" So funny. Nick's not too thrilled ;) But then he also likes to just wear whatever he likes at the moment....

*When I ask him to stop doing something, if he says he wasn't doing it and I say, "Yes, you were!", he says with 100% conviction in his voice, "No I amen't!" instead of "No I'm not." Makes me laugh every time.

*When he's NOT getting in trouble, he's very sweet. Lately, he's been running up to me, throwing his skinny little arms around my neck and saying, "You're the best mommy EVER!" He'll also randomly say, "I love you, mommy, sissy, daddy!"

*He's insisting on being a chicken for Halloween. I keep asking him what he wants to be, hoping he'll pick something that every store in Wichita sells off the shelf, but I have yet to get him to change his mind and couldn't find a dang chicken costume ANYWHERE!! So I broke down and ordered one off e-bay. He'll be the cutest chicken ever!

Love you Tom-Tom!! You're the sweetest, orneriest, funniest little guy I know!

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