Monday, March 18, 2013

It's official!

She's crawling. Everywhere. On March 11th, she started doing this funky kind of crawl where she was getting up on her hands and her feet with her butt poked way in the air. Then she would hop her feet forward and move her hands one at a time. Then she took a rest for 10-15 seconds. And then she would do it again. I wish I would've got it on video, but I thought she'd be doing it for awhile.

Little did I know, that only lasted one day and the next day, March 12th, she was legitimately crawling. I was picking her and Tommy up from Brooke's and me and Brooke and Michael were sitting on the floor entertaining Tommy and talking. Right in the middle of her sentence, Brooke yelled, "Holy crap! She's crawling!!" We looked at Tessa and sure enough, she had started at one end of the living room and she was crawling to the other! So exciting! She wasn't the smoothest mover ever, but she was definitely moving!!

I can't believe my little girl is already crawling. Time is moving too fast and I try to hold onto each day for as long as I can. I'm so thankful she's a normal, healthy and happy baby but I get so sad when I think about that fact that in 4 months, she'll be ONE. How is that possible?

She started pulling up on things before she started crawling, so I have a feeling walking is not too far out in our future.

Somebody make it slow down!!!!!!!!!!!

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