Thursday, March 24, 2011

My little Tiny Tom :)

I was looking through my camera last night and realized I have a LOT of pictures to share of Tommy in his first month, so this is basically just a camera unloading post with nothing substantial to say :) Except that I personally think I have the absolute cutest, most loveable baby EVER (it's okay if you don't agree, but humor me because I'm the mom and I can say that!:) The two best things in my life!
Worn out from playing with dad
Dressed in the very first piece of clothing I bought him! I remember buying it and wondering what he was going to look like in it. Now I know :) Dressed up for a special occassion....and not enjoying it much! Just like daddy!
I LOVE this picture. Granted, it's a little funny looking, but when he was tiny, his mouth was ALWAYS open like this.
My sweet boy :) He looks so tiny in this picture and so perfect and untouched by anything bad or the evil of this world yet
No words........just love
Tanning with dad--he had jaundice, so Nick was faithful to put him in the sun as much as possible in the middle of January.
My own piece of Heaven
Such BIG feet!!
His face cracks me up in this picture. I love this boy!

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