Friday, March 18, 2011

2 months old--such a big boy!!

I am a few days early on Tommy's 2 month pold post but wanted to get it done while I'm thinking of it and I have time.
**I forgot to put in his 1 month post one of the most important things that happened to him!
He got baptized!! On 2/20/2011, my sweet baby boy got baptized at our church. It was SO awesome. I have always put a lot of stock in my faith and in church, but having this little baby to take care of and being responsible for his spiritual life as well as mine has totally put a new perspective on God. I am in charge of making sure this baby grows up knowing about God and knowing that Jesus died for our sins. It's MY job to make sure he understands that God will take him as he is and will always love him. God gave me an angel to raise and let me tell you, it's a priviledge that comes with a LOT of pressure! I only hope that I do a good enough job that when he's old enough to understand baptism, he decides to do it again for himself. Okay, now onto the 2 month stats :)
Tommy, at 2 months old, you are continuing to amaze your parents!!
*You weigh 13 lbs and 8 oz and are 22 1/2 inches long--such a big boy!!

*You are currently in size 2 diapers. They're still a little big, but size ones cut into your tummy and legs, so we had to go up one.

*You drink 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours during the day and at about 8:30pm you get a 4-5 oz bottle.

*You are sleeping so good!! You go to sleep most nights around 9:15pm and sleep until 2:30am. You wake up and eat about 4 oz, then go back to sleep until around 6:15am. I'm glad to have somewhat of a schedule. You've even had a few nights where you slept for 7 hours!! Those nights were a blessing and I am hoping you do that more often :)

*You are wearing 0-3 month clothes and 3 month clothes. Some of the 3 month outfits are a little too big, but we make it work! You get really annoyed when we dress you and make it VERY hard to get your squirmy arms in the arm holes.

*Mom had to buy you 3-6 month sized socks. Your feet are BIG!! Your 0-3 month socks were too short and cut off your circulation around your ankles.

*You like baths better. We figured out that if we just keep water over you by constantly pouring cups of water on your tummy, you really relax and enjoy yourself.
*You're already tyring to sit up. When we are holding you, you do little half sit ups before you grunt and then seem to give up and lay back down. It's really quite amusing!

*You seem to have found your voice!! You are SO active in the mornings (unlike your mommy) and you are constantly cooing and making noise when mom talks to you. Dad heard you for the first time last night (3/18/11) and he was tickled to death. He tried to video you doing it, but you stopped every time you saw his phone :)

*You've started doing this new thing where you give out one big cry and then a bunch of little cries and grunts until it just seems to wear you out and you stop. It sounds like you're fake crying because there is an OBVIOUS difference in your cry when you are REALLY upset and this new cry you're doing

*You are so well behaved. Other then the quiet little cry I just mentioned above, you only get upset when you need a new diaper or need fed. Otherwise, you are very content.

*You LOVE your bouncy chair!! You could sit in that thing for hours without making a peep. You even sleep in it and mom's not sure what's going to happen when you outgrow it (and that time is QUICKLY approaching!). We bought you a swing a month ago but you've hated it up until recently. You're liking it a little better, so hopefully that will replace your bouncy chair when you can't fit in it anymore

*You are getting used to tummy time. You still get a little aggitated after a few minutes, but aren't crying about it anymore.

*You got your first tiny little taste of ice cream (don't worry if you're reading this. It was literally like ONE drop of ice cream that I put on his lips :). We went to Dairy Queen after your shots (read the story below) and mom felt horrible for you, so I let you taste something a little sweet. I'm going to have to make sure I don't make giving you sweets when you're upset a habbit!!

**You had your 2 month check up on 3/15/11, which will forever be one of the saddest days in my mind. You had to get your first set of immunizations :( It was horrible.
The picture above was Tommy BEFORE his shots. It was even worse than I thought it would be because he was in SUCH a good mood!! He was smiling and kicking and moving around a lot. He was sleepy because he took children's ibuprofen about an hour before his appt so we could hopefully keep the pain level down and prevent a fever. The doctor came in and checked him out and then it was time for the HORRIBLE immunizations. I know, I know they're for his own good, but it devastates me that my baby was in pain and he doesn't understand why. In my head, I imagine him thinking, "Why is my mommy letting this happen to me??" I know he isn't thinking that, but I can't help but feel sad for him. How can you not feel sad when you look at his little face??? :(

The picture above was, of course, Tommy AFTER his shots. Poor baby. He only cried for about 30 seconds, but I cried for at least 5 minutes. Oh, the things you never think you'll do until you become a mom.
The last 2 months of life have been hard, fun, scary, rewarding and a HUGE blessing! I love having little tiny clothes scattered all over the floor and pacifiers (which you still won't take) all over our tables. I don't mind the booger sucker being by the TV remote or a wet diaper sitting on the couch. In my opinion, formula stains on our comforter and the crusty burp rags on our night stands just speak of the late night rendevous I get to have with my baby ;) Tommy, I will kiss your boo-boos when you're little, hold your hand on your first day of school, cheer for you at all your basketball games, embarass you when you're a teenager and love you for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not. I thank God for you every day, sweet boy!

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thehobbs said...

Love this! And a little piece of heaven we discovered in the bath - a Bath Luve frog. We got it at Babies R Us (but just a small towel would work too). It's basically a big terry cloth frog that you get wet and lay on top of them in the bath so they don't get cold. Somebody was a thinker. :)