Monday, September 13, 2010


So I FINALLY felt Tommy move!! I've been praying that God would make me feel him move and that I would KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Tommy and not gas :) Well I was listening to the heartbeat with the Doppler and BAM! There it was! He kicked pretty hard against the Doppler and I KNEW that was him! And now I've felt the flutters ever since :)


 It's got to be the coolest feeling in the world to know that there is something alive inside of you and it's moving around!! I am excited for when Nick finally gets to feel it. That'll be so fun!

The nursery is coming along slowly but surely. It's painted tan and we got a dark cherry crib and dresser. Then I got some curtains that are brown fabric with little owls on them with blue and green polka dots in the background and it's so cute! I found this little owl lamp at Cracker Barrel that I just LOVED!!

I never thought my nursery would involve owls, but they're just so stinkin' cute! So I'm going to just decorate the rest of the nursery in brown, blue and green with touches of sports and "man stuff" at Nick's request. Why do I have the feeling my whole house is going to quickly turn into a man cave?? Hopefully I'll learn how to be a boy's mom quickly--catching frogs and learning football and peeing outside. Okay, I'm not going to pee outside, but I just KNOW my son will :) I've caught his father doing it a time or two. Dear God, prepare me for the months ahead where my estrogen will be out ruled by testosterone! Thanks!!

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