Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

This Christmas was one of the best I can remember. I feel like we weren't super rushed to do anything, I kept presents really simple and had started shopping in October, so there was no stress about that. It felt like we really just got to relax and enjoy our time with our families.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Nick's parent's house for dinner and presents. We had a delicious meal--we had white lasagna, red lasagna and chocolate lasagna. I mean, can you ever really have too much lasagna? After dinner, we went downstairs and let the kiddos all open presents. Tommy and Tessa were in heaven--they got SO many things they had wanted! They each got a tablet (which I think I've enjoyed more than they have), they got dolls and trucks and Paw Patrol hoodies and princess jackets and shirts that change colors in the sun and costumes and a million other things I can't think of right now. They loved everything they got! We also played the saran wrap game where you wrap treasures in a ball of saran wrap and take turns unwrapping the ball and trying to get to the treasures. It was a lot of fun! Kids AND adults liked that one--and I scored a sweet pink pocket knife--woot, woot!

Tessa loves her Anna costume (because what little girl wouldn't?)

And of course, we did our yearly cousin picture. One in normal clothes........

And one in the PJs they get every year for Christmas Eve.

This one just KILLS me. Tommy's new thing is to make weird faces or act "dead"  whenever I try to take pictures. That's what he was doing in the picture below, but something about the way he's positioned makes him look like a ventriloquist dummy! Hilarious!

The kids were exhausted by the end of the night. Tessa fell asleep in the car on the way home (cutie pie--she's so sweet when she's sleeping). We got her to wake up at least enough to dictate a note to leave for Santa!

 I convinced the kids to leave Santa a cinnamon roll from Quik Trip. I didn't have any time or desire to make cookies, so I told them that he ate SOOOOO many cookies ALLLLL night that he was probably tired of them and would LOVE a cinnamon roll! And they agreed without too much of an argument--thank God. So we set out his cinnamon roll and left him their notes. On a side note--Tessa signed her name without any help and that was the first time I'd seen her do it. I'm going to admit to a mom fail and inform you all that I honestly had no idea she could write her whole name without help. I was so proud! And Tommy signed his letter 'TJ.' He took that moment to inform me that he would like to start being called TJ because it sounds a lot cooler than Tommy. Well.......okay then (I haven't quite jumped on that wagon yet because I don't care a whole lot for TJ and I'm REAAAAALLLY hoping he'll change his mind about that!).

The kiddos finally got off to bed and fell asleep quickly. I happened to stay up REALLY late and caught Santa sneaking around our living room.....

I also got a video of him checking his list. The kids LOVED seeing the "proof" the next morning that Santa had been there. It was so sweet to see their reactions! They actually slept in for quite awhile--I don't think we got up until 8ish. That may have been my best Christmas present.

We of course rushed in to open presents. 

They got shoes, clothes, a remote control helicopter, movies, a baby doll that really pees (thanks a lot, Santa) and a million other things. They were spoiled rotten! I was pretty spoiled myself. Each of the kids got me a pair of earrings and Nick got me candles, perfume and a gift certificate for family pictures with a promise to not be grumpy whenever we actually take the pictures--score!

After we were done with presents and breakfast, we picked up my Granny and headed to my mom's house. The weather was gray, but not too chilly and I spent the drive wishing it was snowing instead (because it doesn't really feel like Christmas without snow). We ate some more at mom's and then moved on to MORE presents. The kids each got sleeping bags, board games, socks and undies (my favorite gift they got!), watches and a bunch of other toys. The adults played Dirty Santa and I ended up getting a bug out bag kit, which was ONE HUNDRED percent the perfect gift for me. Let's just say that if the end of the world comes and I'm away from home, I'm all set.

After presents, we just hung out and played games and then every one headed home to crash. The kids and Nick and I slept in the living room. We drug their mattresses out there and they got to sleep in their brabd new sleeping bags. We snuggled in and watched movies and it was SO nice. To just be together and relax and enjoy each other's company....couldn't have asked for a better way to end our Christmas.

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