Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I figured I better write about Thanksgiving before I forget about it. I was in a food coma for most of it, so who knows how accurate all my details are, but is there really anything anybody wants to know about thanksgiving besides how the food was???

For the record, it was delicious. My lips said, "Mmmmm...." while my hips said, "NOOOOOOO!"

Nick was off work all the week of Thanksgiving, so it was nice for him to have some extra time with the kids. He got to do a little hunting (even though it was freezing cold) and got to do some special things with them, like bowling. They LOVED it. The first morning he went back to work, Tessa came into our room after he'd already left, saw his side of the bed and said in the saddest voice, "Why did daddy have to go back to work?"

I tried to explain that it was because we had to work to have a few a house and food. But she didn't care. She just wanted her daddy :)

Anywho, on Thanksgiving day, we hosted Nick's family at our house for lunch. The space was tight, but there was SO. MUCH. GOOD. FOOD! And company! We ate until we couldn't eat anything else.....and then we ate pie. Then we watched a little Shocker basketball on TV and after everyone left, we napped! It was lovely.

For dinner, we went over to my mom's house, where we had the traditional mish-mash of random foods that everybody likes. One of my favorite traditions. We had to loosen our belts to make room for more food, but somehow we managed to eat another meal. We played a game after dinner called Worst Case Survival Scenario.

Uhhhh........yeah. It was dumb.

Some of the "Worst Case Scenarios" were SO ridiculous! One was like, "If you're driving over a frozen river, which way should you turn your tires?"

Our answer was........"Don't drive over a frozen river."

But for some reason we kept playing and me and Nick lost (thanks a lot, babe (he's going to roll his eyes and say, "WHATEVER!" as soon as he reads that because he thinks it's my fault we lost)). (Is it okay to do a parenthesis inside of a parenthesis?) #justdid  #rulebreaker 

After we finished our game, we headed home and hit the sack for a good night's sleep with full bellies! It was such a wonderful day filled with family and food--what could be better?

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