Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was great this year! It seems like EVERY Halloween, I have these costumes planned and then they end up being a huge flop. This year, they were going to be a cowgirl and a cowboy. But Nana found gave Tommy a ninja costume she found last year on major clearance that he LOOOOOVED, so he decided to be a ninja. And I decided to pick my battles and let go of my cute little "cowboy/cowgirl duo" idea. I had bought Tessa a pair of cowgirl boots specifically FOR Halloween and that morning, they were NOWHERE to be found (we still haven't found them). So she wore Tommy's size 13 boots after we tore the house up looking for hers. 

But I digress.......

We met up with these fun folks in Augusta for Trick or Treat Street.

I can't say I was CRAZY about Trick or Treat Street. We'd never been before and it was VERY crowded and VEEEEERY cold! It WAS fun to see all the cute costumes people had come up with, but we waited in line forever and didn't get a ton of candy. But at least we can say we've been and know not to go next year!

And, there was the sexiest red-neck/cowboy there.......

After we froze our tooshies off at Trick or Treat street, we went to lunch at Las Palmas with our ninja and cowgirl. They were so good during lunch! It's nice to feel like we can finally take them places and not have to constantly worry about what they're doing or how they're acting. They're growing up so much!

After lunch, we just relaxed at home for a bit and then headed over to Nana's for chili! Perfect Halloween dinner. We met up with some cute cousins and this was the best picture we got (Tommy refused to be in it because.....well, he's Tommy).

We trick or treated around Nana's house for a bit...this was their first house!

We made our way down a few blocks and over to Aunt Brooke's house! Tessa insisted Aunt Brooke dress like her, so Brookie was a cowgirl too!

The loves of my life....
My little ninja....
My cute cowgirl hitchin' a ride on her horse....

After we finished in Nana's neighborhood, we headed over to Grandma's house to meet up with our other cousins. I got one picture of all of them and it's so dark, you can't even see their faces.....bummer. But they looked great in their costumes! We all headed out around Grandma and Papa's neighborhood and got a bunch more candy! I have to say though, I was really surprised because it was only 8 o'clock and EVERYBODY had turned their lights off. WHAT?!? At 8pm on Halloween?!? I couldn't believe they were all shut down for the night. But oh well--we went to the few that were still waiting for Trick or Treaters :)

This year was another great Halloween!

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