Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Well, Mickey mouse was the obvious choice for Tommy's second birthday party! I knew everything I wanted to do, but didn't do a great job of executing it :) I think I may have even forgotten to announce his party on Facebook. Epic fail. But that's okay, because he seemed to love every minute of his birthday.

The night before his birthday, he fell asleep in his own bed. Nick and I were up until about 1:30am putting up decorations, making pasta and cupcakes....you know, all the things I could have done a few days prior, but didn't :) I put the PRO in procrastination, folks.

Needless to say, we were exhausted when we crawled into bed. Around 4am, Tommy came barging through our door. He's been doing this lately, but I'm not sure why. We were too tired to send him back to his own room, so we rolled over and prepared to be kicked in the head, back and butt the next few hours. Tommy is the WORST person ever to sleep with! We were all laying there in bed and he started coughing. And then puked. ALLLLLLLLLLLL over. I don't think he was sick. It just seemed like he coughed so hard that he gagged and got sick. So we had to change all the bedding, including the comforter. 30 minutes later, we FINALLY got back to sleep.

Luckily, they both slept until about 8:30am. Thank God, cause mom and dad would have been super exhausted otherwise. But every second of lost sleep was totally worth it. He walked out of the bedroom, looked up at the decorated kitchen and said, "Oh wow, Mom! Wow!"

It was the sweetest thing and almost made me cry. I wanted him to like it so bad and he did! We had filled his room with balloons while he was sleeping, so we took him in there to see it and him and Tessa were mesmerized. I told Nick the next time we need some peace and quiet, we'll stick them in a room with 50 balloons and shut the door!

 I took him to McDonald's for breakfast and we brought breakfast home for Daddy. After we ate, we (unfortunately) decided to skip church. We just didn't have time to get everything done. I really wanted to go, but I'm glad we decided not to or we would have had NOTHING done in time! We started cooking lunch and trying to get all the last minute things organized. THEN, my little miss was being super grumpy. I couldn't figure out what her deal is, so I picked her up and turned her to face me. And she puked. ALLLLLLLLL over ME!! Her's was like Tommy's--mostly mucus-y junk. What is it with my kids puking on me?!? Twice in one day is more than enough. I got us both cleaned up and Nick got both the kids bathed and Tommy took a nap (thank God because he SO needed one!). He woke up just in time for his party (and fortunately, in a good mood)!

We had quite a few people show up too. We were bummed because his cousins were sick and one of my good friends' daughter got sick so they all had to cancel last minute. But that's okay! We had all the grandparents, the rest of the aunts and uncles and quite a few friends. Tommy's bestie got to come and we were so glad! He loves Mal and they have so much fun together! Mal decided to ride Tommy's 4 wheeler that he refuses to get near, so she was driving all over the pasture and he was just running after her the whole time! It was so funny! I have a feeling he's going to be chasing her the rest of his life ;)
We ate lunch (We had Hot Diggity Dogs, Toodle's noodle salad, chili and Clara Bell's cupcakes! It turned out quite tasty, although we had tons of leftovers).

After that, we played outside for awhile since it was so nice. Then we came in to open presents. Tommy did really good until he opened his train from Mal. Then he wanted nothing to do with anything else. He had no interest whatsoever in anything but that "joo-joo neen!" So Mal helped him open the rest of his gifts and got the job done quick!

Then it was on to cake. He LOVED blowing out candles. I lit them and then we all sang Happy Birthday. He blew them out and then said, "Gin!!!!! (again!!)" So I indulged him and lit them again and told him to blow them out. He just looked at everyone and said, "Hap-pee (happy)!" He wanted us to sing the song again! It was so funny! So we sang again and he blew them out again. And then he wanted it AGAIN!!! So I did it. Hey, it's the little things in life. If all it takes to make him happy is to blow out candles and sing the birthday song, then so be it. He's worth it :)

I also had these cupcakes that were supposed to look like Mickey's ears :) Close enough, right?!
The only thing I got bummed about was my party favors. I forgot to announce them, so nobody took any :( They were super cute too! They were Peeps in the shape of Mickey Mouse and the sign said, "Twoodles! Thanks for coming!" Come on.......that's pretty clever! Get it? "TWO"odles?! Okay, I was proud of it. I just took the leftovers to daycare and work and begged the girls to take them home to their babies :)

After everyone left, we spent the evening, just our little family, cuddled up watching football and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Tommy was in such a sweet mood and I was so grateful because he's been kind of grumpy lately and I really wanted him to have a good birthday. I think he liked everything and I hope he remembers his "minni-minnie-mow-how" 2nd birthday party! It was the perfect day! It was worth every second of work and every penny spent!

Happy birthday, big boy!! I love you!

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