Thursday, January 31, 2013

6 months--are you kidding me?!?

WHERE does the time go?!? Truly?! It's nuts. Tessa Grace is already 6 months old and I cannot believe half a year has gone by and in only half a year, she'll be one!

Tessa, at 6 months, you are:

*a toothy little girl! You have two teeth on the bottom in the middle. I'm pretty sure you're working on some more because you've been kind of grumpy and drooling a LOT again. And you chew on your fingers like there's no tomorrow!

*around 17 pounds. You go for your check up on Thursday, so I'll know for sure then just how big you are!

*in size 3 diapers.

*in 6-9 month clothes. And I'm so glad because you have SO many cute 6-9 month outfits and I've just been waiting for you to be in that size!

*eating me out of house and home! You've had baby food. Your first jar of food was sweet peas and you LOOOOOVED them. You couldn't get enough. The cereal just wasn't doing it for you anymore. Any time we ate, you'd just stare and watch the spoon  go to our mouths and then try to grab it and put it in yours :) Funny girl. You've had peas, green beans, corn, a mix of ham, rice and pineapples, chicken, beef and macaroni, blueberries and apples, sweet name it, you've tried it! And liked it!

*still taking a bottle, of course. You eat 6 oz bottles every 3-5 hours. You usually have an oz or so left after you eat your "breakfast" bottle, so we make rice cereal with that. Then you have half a jar of baby food for lunch and usually a half to a whole jar for dinner--with your bottles mixed in there :)

*sitting up like a big girl! You do so good! You've finally started being able to catch yourself if you lean too far one way or another. I still put pillows around you when we're on the hardwood floors because when you get too excited, you can still topple yourself over!

*trying to get your knees under you. You lay on your tummy and grunt and struggle to get your little legs pulled up. You usually end up giving up and sucking on the blanket :)

*enjoying Mickey Mouse almost as much as your brother. I turn it on in the mornings while I shower and when I get out, you're both still fixated on the screen.

*SO ornery! Lately, your brother will do something like accidentally sit on your face or purposely steal your toy. So you'll be crying and I'll get onto him and you start laughing! It's hilarious! And you SO know what you're doing ;)

*just the cutest stinkin thing! You're USUALLY pretty happy and you just get the biggest, cutest, sweetest smiles on your face. I LOVE it! It makes me so happy to walk through the door and see your smiley face :)

*SUCH a good sleeper! Mommy keeps getting nervous that her good luck is going to run out, but you sleep through the night every night like a champ! You go to bed around 9:30pm and sleep until 7:30am. LOVE IT!

*doing this hilarious thing with your mouth--you suck in your bottom lip until it completely disappears. It's so cute! It makes you look like a little old woman with no teeth and I laugh every time you do it! Funny girl!

*getting a little attitude! You're pretty laid back for the most part, but have definitely started having  your moments of getting mad when we're not moving fast enough or if you can't see anybody. You hate being left alone in a room--kind of makes it hard to get stuff done!

Tessa Grace--you are the sweetest, cutest, funniest, most awesome little daughter a mommy could ask for! I was so scared before you joined our family about how we would make room for you and how I'd have time to love two babies. And it's been so easy! It is SO easy to love you and want to make time for you and enjoy you. I smile when I see your sweet little face and get so happy when I think about coming home to you and your bubba. I hope your sweet spirit continues throughout life. I thank God for you every day, little girl!

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