Thursday, January 10, 2013


I remember thinking that Tommy was never going to talk. I was worried he was developmentally delayed. I thought he was so far behind other kids (mainly, his best friend Mal Horyna who can say like, 9 million words and was completing sentences by the time she was 19 months old!! That girl can TALK!!).

But, I am 100% sure he can talk. He never stops. Never. I wanted to write down a few of the funny things he says because he's already outgrowing some of them.

*everything gets a 'D' sound at the beginning of the word. Brooke is dook, spoon is doon, bye-bye is dye-dye, etc. Not on every word, but on the majority.

*choo-choo train is "Joo-joo neen!!" And we hear this often. Brooke and Michael got him a huge train for Christmas and he loves it.

*the other day he kept saying, "Deuce ball!! Deuce ball!!" We had no idea what he was talking about until he dragged Nick by the hand to take him to the shelf where he keeps the foosball and then took him over to the foosball table and he wanted to play. We've probably only had that table for about 3 weeks and have played it MAYBE twice. But he knew what it was called and he was determined to play!

*he says now after EVERYTHING. "Drink NOW. Googers (crackers) NOW!" Funny, but demanding.

*he's always called Nick dad, but lately he's been saying, "dad.....DEE!" Like Daddy, but all drawn out and weird with an emphasis on "dee"

*has been playing this "game" where I ask what he wants to eat and he says, "Eat....joo-joo neen!" I have to laugh histerically and say, "No!! You can't eat a train!" And then he says, "Eat.......booball (football)!!" And again, I laugh...and the process goes on and on and on. We go through eating trains, footballs, sis, Duke (one of the baby-sitting kids), TV, potty (gross), etc.

*his favorite color is "NEEN!!" He LOVES anything green. When we have his crayons out, we can tell him what color to get and he picks the right one, but when you ask what color something is, his answer is always "Neen!!!"

*we've been working on shapes and I drew a heart (which we'd never discussed before) and before I could ask what it was, he screamed, "Hawt!!!!!!" Smart boy.

*love you is "Duff dooooo!" The other morning, he was standing at the foot of Tessa's crib saying, "Duff dooooo, Sis!! Duff doooo!!" So sweet.

*whenever I ask for a kiss or hug, he just says the word and goes back to what he's doing, rather than actually hugging or kissing me. Stinker.

*he fake cries. He's totally playing around, but if he wants something he'll do a little fake cry and hide his head, but he's smiling the whole time.

*he fake sleeps. This is hilarious. It started with me fake sleeping so he'd leave me alone and then he yelled, "MOM!!" So I pretended to be startled and "woke up." Now, he "goes to sleep" which consists of him snoring, with his eyes wide open, and waits for me to yell, "TOM!" When I do, he starts laughing histerically and stops snoring for a few seconds, and then the process starts over again.

*he says, "No home!" a lot and we aren't sure what it means. At first we thought it meant go home because he would say it when he was mad at us and we thought he wanted us to go away. But now he says it a lot, like when he's hurt or upset.

His talking has definitely increased in the last month or so. It's crazy how much and how quickly toddlers pick up on. Although he's getting to that stage where he's trying to repeat things, but can't say them quite right, so we don't know for sure what he wants and he gets really frustrated. But it's fun trying to learn his language!!

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