Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Antibiotics and hotdogs

See my poor little baby's sad eyes in this picture? Awwww, so sad :( He's been extremely congested and had a really runny nose (green snot included). While he seems to be getting a kick out of licking snot off his upper lip all day, he's been tired and grumpy and sick. He screams when we touch his nose because he just KNOWS the Kleenex is coming. We've become quite good at orchestrating surprise attacks on him. We've gotten it down to an art form almost. You hold his head with one hand while you smile and say, "Oh, you're SUCH a BIG boy!! Goooooood boy!!!!" He wearily smiles and you can tell he WANTS to believe what you're saying, but he never quite relaxes all the way. Just when he starts to get caught up in the fun of smiling back, you have to use the other hand to pinch the little baby nostrils and squeeze all the snot out. He has finally given in to the booger sucker, though. He hates the wiping much more than the sucking. He sees the green bulb coming at his face and it's almost like he rolls his eyes and gives up. If it wasn't so sad to see his sick little eyes and runny nose, it would be kind of funny.

We took him to the doctor yesterday and after listening to his chest for approximately 0.5 seconds she said he didn't have an infection. But she went ahead and prescribed him amoxicillin, claritin and wants advil given around the clock. We've only given him 2 doses so far and he's already doing much better. I am so glad because he's teething on top of having all that congestion and we weren't sure if we were supposed to give cold medicine AND ibuprofen together. So this remedy seems to be helping both problems. I just love my little baby boy and I hate it when he doesn't feel good. I'm so glad he's getting better and back to his normal, happy Tommy-ish self.

Speaking of him teething, it's really quite cute :) He has two top teeth coming in. But not the two I expected. I thought the middle two would come in first, but the two side teeth (the fangs, as I like to call them) are coming in. It looks really funny! I told Nick we could just put a black cape on him and call it good for Halloween because he looks like a little vampire. I can't wait for Halloween with him. Not that he's gonna have any idea what's going on, but I think it will be fun. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect costume. I want him to be something different--not the typical clown or pumpkin, etc. Any ideas?!? I want him to be a hotdog, but can't find a costume for his age. They're all 3-6 months. Um, don't they know some 9 month old babies want to be hotdogs too??

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