Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 short years and already a lifetime of memories

Dear 4th grade Brady: See that guy jousting with your brother at the medieval festival in the gymnasium at school? He's scrawny and a little dorky, but remember him. He'll be important in your life some day. Oh and hold onto that picture of them fighting in spray painted armor with cardboard swords--it'll really come in handy some day ;)

Dear college freshman Brady: Keep that page in your journal about how you have a crush on Nick Wilhelm but you don't think it would ever happen. You'll laugh later and realize you should've just gone for it instead of wasting 3 years! But when he asks you for advice about his current girlfriend, go ahead and give it to him. She turns out to be a loser, so don't be jealous that you're giving dating advice rather than actually dating him!

Dear 21 year old Brady: Be careful! He will come into Gambino's and tell you that you have nice legs (and believe him when he says it! Because your legs get WORSE but for some reason he really does like them!). You will fall and you will fall hard. And he will break your heart. But don't worry! He WILL be back. Stick by him and let him know you still want to be his friend. And don't worry about feeling like a stage 4 cling-on because you do that. It WILL pay off.

Dear 22 year old Brady: SEE! I told you he'd be back. He just needed a little time to grow up and realize what a catch you were ;) Don't sweat the night that he's so grumpy you think about walking away. He's just quitting smoking and didn't want to tell anyone :) He'll apologize later. Oh, and don't say anything about the cell phone on the commercial. It turns out what you're thinking is REALLY stupid and he will make fun of you for the rest of your life.

Dear 24 year old Brady: CHILL OUT!! He is going to propose. I PROMISE! But at Christmas time, go ahead and talk about how lucky the lady on the Zale's commercial is, even though you know you shouldn't be harping him about marriage and it starts a big fight. Oh, but make sure to say yes when he asks you to dinner in the middle of the fight. It's SUPER annoying and the last thing you want to do when you're fighting is go out to eat with him, but turns out he has a ring in his pocket and he gets down on one knee that night!

Dear 25 year old Brady: It does not matter if your reception tablecloths are linen or plastic. Nobody cares. Everything will get done in time for the big day and you'll have a million people willing to help. And it doesn't matter if nobody RSVPs. They'll still come, so just calm down. The wedding was beautiful and the honeymoon was even better, but the best and hardest years are yet to come. Relax while you can. Oh, and start cleaning the house now. It will NEVER be clean in the future. Seriously.

Dear 27 year old Brady: You are the luckiest woman alive. Do you realize that?!? You have everything you dreamed of in the palm of your hand. Quit waiting for the bottom to fall out of every situation. It's not going to. You and Nick have gone through a lot and surely there is better AND worse to come, but know that God is taking care of all of it, even the things you think you are in control of. Your baby won't be a baby for long and you and your husband won't have much alone time for like, 30 more years. So dive into life and make the best of everything you can! If you ever get off track, just look at this picture and know how good you have it.
So here's to 3 years of wonderful and praying for many more. It's been a beautiful ride.

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