Monday, October 25, 2010

Shower #1

And so it begins!! The showering of love for Tommy! I had my first shower this weekend and it was CRAZY awesome!! I cannot believe the amount of presents that this kid got. And we're not gonna have to buy him any blankets or lotion for years!! It was really fun and nice to go to an event where I didn't have to do ANYTHING to set up or tear down. Then I got to go home and look at everything again. It was so great! We got a lot of big things--our stroller and car seat, bumbo, boppy (who names these kid items??), high chair.........and Broncos outfits galore. He's gonna be the best dressed kid on game days for Broncos :) Then on Sunday, my mom, sister and cousin came over and helped get the nursery almost completely finished!! It looks so great. I can't wait till it's all the way done. I painted a Bible verse on the wall--1 Samuel 1:27--"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." I put it above his crib and LOVE it!! We got all the furniture in just the right spot and most of his stuff put away. I can't believe he'll be sleeping in the crib soon!! We go today for another sono. They couldn't get a clear shot of his heart during the last one, so we're doing another one. I'm really excited! I hope we get to see his face and get a glimpse of what he's going to look like!! Well that's it for now. Nothing too new. I'll try to post pictures soon of the nursery (if I can figue out how :)!

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