Saturday, January 2, 2010

Close, but no cigar!

Nick ALMOST got a deer today!! Bless his heart. He called me and was so excited because for one, he'd actually SEEN a deer and two, he'd shot at it twice. Unfortunately, he didn't get it. His sight wasn't set right or something like that. But now he's bound and determined to get one before the extended season is over. We went driving yesterday around sunset and saw about 15 deer in our neighbors fields. It's just killing him, because we live right in the middle of all of this wildlife, but nobody will let him hunt on their land so he has to go to all of the public hunting land. They're all very nice when they say no, sucks for him. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it happens tomorrow! Not much else going on. Getting ready for the youth lock in. Should be fun!! Just hoping it doesn't snow a lot while we're skating, thus making it hard to get home :( I love, love, LOVE the snow, but only if it comes without ice! Makes everything look SOOOO pretty. I'm just hoping we get enough to actually go sledding sometime soon. We have this huge open field that we own that would be perfect for sledding behind the truck, but so far there just hasn't been enough snow. Hope everyone has a great Saturday (if there's even anyone reading this:)!!!

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