Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A bad day for both of us

Man, it seems like Tuesdays are just NEVER good days!!! Nick and I both had bad days today. Work was nuts for both of us and we're just praying it gets easier as the week goes on. So, we're talking about the baby thing........and it's SOOOO confusing! I want a baby, but more so on some days than others. Like today, I am SO glad I can just go home and crash and not have to take care of anyone else or anything else. I like that my time is mine. But on the other hand, I know that'll change and I won't feel that way as soon as I have a baby. Nick is wanting to get a move on it because he'll be 28 in March (GASP!!). I think that number is freaking him out and he keeps saying he's getting old and he doesn't want to be 30 and having his 1st kid. And I say, "What the heck is wrong with being a first time dad at age 30??" We just keep going back and forth and it's like we can't get on the same page. When he's ready, I'm not and when I'm ready, he's not. But that's okay. I think we'll stop "using preventative measures" in March and I guess when God wants me pregnant, I'll get pregnant! That's a good timeline to go with. On a more positive note, I'm loving working with the youth. They're HILARIOUS!! It ALMOST makes me feel like a teenager again.....except when it's 2:00am and we're doing a lock in and they're all going 90 miles and hour and me and Kendra are crashed out on our air mattresses :) Then I feel old. But we went ice skating last Saturday and let me tell you what a work out that is!! It was fun, but scary. Kayleen kept pulling us behind her wheelchair and that was AWESOME!! Got to go 8 miles an hour without having to do anything but hold on!!! Well I'm off for now, but will try to update as much as possible. With work being so crazy, I'm usually drained by the end of the day, but am really hoping to keep this blog going!! God bless you all!

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