Monday, December 26, 2016

Fulton Valley Farms and urgent care

Two days before Christmas, we decided to check out Fulton Valley Farms. We met all of Nick's family for dinner and then headed over to see all of their Christmas activities! It ended up being really cool. The kids were able to see Santa. They had a path lit up with thousands of Christmas lights and it was SO pretty. They had donkeys and sheep for kids to pet and a place where you can take pictures with a real reindeer (Tessa was just SURE it was Vixen).

The coolest part of the night was when they had a live nativity. They acted out the shepherds finding baby Jesus and it was just a really beautiful, poignant moment. It helps to really see what it might have been like for Mary and Joseph.

The next day, we took a little trip to urgent care. Because how else would we want to spend our Christmas Eve?!? Long story short, Tessa had complained three or four weeks ago that her ear hurt. I looked at it and it looked like her earring hold was infected. She cried when I touched it, so I knew it was really hurting her because she doesn't really cry from pain. I noticed that her earring back was missing and assumed it had just fallen off. We cleaned it up really good and I noticed it was kind of hard, but assumed that was pus that just needed to be cleaned out. She was able to keep an earring in without any problems and after a few days, it healed up and looked fine.

BUT.......I went to change her earrings the say before Christmas Eve and noticed her ear lobe was still hard. The hard spot was perfectly round. Like the shape of the little tube like plastic earring back that had gone missing. And I just knew.....her earring back was IN her ear. There's an urgent care in Andover that we decided to take her to. We knew this wasn't ER worthy, but we were going out of town for a few days after Christmas and didn't want to keep it in there any longer than necessary! So I took her in. And the were able to give her some local anesthetic and take it right out! It took less then 10 minutes and she was SUCH a trooper! I felt so bad that it had been in her ear so long. But I was so glad they were able to see her that day and get it taken care of!

She wanted me to take this picture to send to her aunt....clearly she was recovering well.....

It was an eventful few days!

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