Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa Train 2016

I had seen something on facebook about a Santa Train in Kansas. Unfortunately, it turned out to be about 3 hours away. I googled MORE Santa trains in Kansas and found one that was in Abilene (only about an hour and 45 minutes away). I rounded up a group of people and we decided to go for it! I knew the kids would love it and it's something we'd never done before. Plus, it was only $10 per person and you can't beat that! We were just praying that aunt JJ wouldn't go into labor while we were so far from home!
It turned out to be a lot of fun! The train was a little older and really neat. They had an old fashioned town built around the train station that we were able to look around while we were waiting. The train car was really warm and spacious. They had crafts for the kids to do and then each kid got to sit on Santa's lap and choose a Christmas book. On the way back to the train station, we sang Christmas carols and the kids got to participate in a little play. It was such a fun Christmas activity!

I'm definitely planning on going back next year! It was worth the drive and a super cheap, fun thing to do with all the kids. And JJ did NOT have Ty while we were there, so our prayers were answered--ha! I was so glad we decided to take the little road trip to try it out!

We had our annual Christmas party with the Cain's that same evening. It was a busy day, but SO much fun. I apparently missed the rude shirt memo.... 
We stuffed ourselves on good food and good company. And of course, the kids loved opening all of their presents....

We were all cracking up over Essie's new slippers!
And of course, there was the annual cousin PJ picture.....this was the best we could get!

Three sweet sisters.......

My kids were NOT having it...

And then we got this shot......the last annual Christmas party as a family of five!

It was a WONDERFUL night with wonderful people! I love our traditions!

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