Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My little walking accident

Tommy is the most accident prone child I have ever encountered. I know every kid runs into (literally) their fair share of bumps and bruises, but my goodness! This kid has a knack for it. He's so good at it that I would almost consider it a talent. Unfortunately, the injured area is almost always his head.

So far, he's fallen and hit his mouth on a plastic storage tub and that chipped a tooth (which resulted in him needing it pulled). He's pulled a dining room table over and it hit and bust open his forehead (which you can read about in one of my previous blog posts). And now.........we have three more to add that have happened in the last two weeks.

A few weeks ago, my mom and cousin took Tommy to Chuck E Cheese. He was running and one of his flip flops got tucked under his foot somehow and he tripped and smacked his head right on the edge of a ski ball machine. My cousin called me and said, "Tommy hit his head and we're taking him to the ER." And I was all, "Haha, okaaaayyy!" She said, "Brady! I'm not joking! I wouldn't joke about something like that. Meet us there!" I could hear Tommy screaming in the back ground, so I knew she was serious. My heart was breaking not to be with him because he kept yelling, "Moooooommmmmy!! I want moooommmmmyyyyyy!" So sad :(

Nick, Tessa and I scrambled around and got in the car and made it to the Andover ER before they did.

I hate that we've had to go there so many times, but I am SO glad that hospital is there. I wouldn't go there for anything life threatening (just because they're a smaller hospital, not because of lack of confidence in the doctors!), but they are excellent for things like this. My mom and cousin showed up and we were put in a room in less than 5 minutes. We were seen in less than 10. And the ER doctor was Tommy's PCP, so he felt comfortable with him.

The doctor said to just monitor him for concussion symptoms and to use ice and ibuprofen. I hate paying $100 copay to hear that, but sure am glad for the peace of mind it brings. His head was CRAZY huge. Like.......crazy. He looked like an alien.Or a character off Star-Wars. Not so bad from the front.......

 GINORMOUS from the side!!

 It was seriously the weirdest thing ever. It was squishy and filled with blood, but SO. HUGE. I felt so bad for him. It hurt so much he couldn't hardly stand an ice pack, so we did lots of cold washrags. The doctor said he needed to stay upright for a few hours to help the blood drain a little, so he got ibuprofen, snuggles and TV time. It seemed to help his spirit, but not his bump. The doctor had warned us when it did start draining, his eyes would turn black. He didn't lie :)

This was just the next day.......not too bad yet.
This was 3-4 days later. Definitely started turning black. And his little nose was so swollen, you couldn't hardly see the bridge of it!

It got worse, but I somehow missed taking pictures of it. It didn't help that less than a week after he did this (and right when his bump was starting to go away), he was jumping off a couch cushion (that was on the floor that his dad had already told him to put up and stop jumping off of) and he fell and hit his forehead right on our wood floors in the exact same spot as his previous injury.


What am I going to do with this boy? Now, his bump is hard as a rock (three weeks later). It's mildly smaller, but the doctor said it could take 6-12 months for it to go completely away. Great. At least it doesn't seem to be hurting him as much. 

Then last weekend, he was playing outside and backed right into Nick's tail gate. We got out the ice pack again. 
And he got lots of snuggles again. 

He truly is a walking disaster! I hope we can make it at LEAST a month without another injury! PLEASE, TOMMY!! My wallet and my panic mode need a break!

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