Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tessa Grace is in preschool!

Tessa has been SO excited because she gets to go to preschool this year, just like bubby! She got a postcard in the mail a few weeks before school started. She felt like such a big girl!

Last night, she asked if I could paint her fingernails so she would "look pwetty at school." Of course, I obliged. I can't pass up painting my daughter's fingernails hot pink (isn't that what all mom's dream of when they dream of having little girls?!?)! We picked out her dress and shoes and got everything all laid out for the next morning.

And just like that, she woke up and was a preschooler! She was excited and said she wasn't nervous at all. She was excited to see Mrs. Schiesser and Mrs. Ralston (who she knew from Tommy having them as teachers and from church) and she was excited to meet new friends! Can I just note right now how EXTREMELY different my children are?!
 She looked so big and grown up! I mean, wasn't she JUST born?!? I dropped her off and she went right in. We love Noah's Ark!!
  It helped that her cousin was there with her! She actually has TWO of her cousins in her class. I love that they all get to go to school together!

I went back to pick her up when the morning was over and she was happy as could be! I asked what she did that day and all I got was, "I don't know!" Soooooo, there's that. I thought for sure she'd be the child that spilled the beans every time they got in the car, but I got NOTHING out of her! Except that it was fun! We went to Applebee's for lunch afterwards so I could have some one-on-one time to make her feel special. It was so nice just sitting and relaxing with my goofy girl!

I can't believe I officially have TWO babies in preschool! Thank God I love our school and trust the teachers there or it would be a lot harder to leave them behind!

Love you, sweet Tess!

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