Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My Mother's Day started without having my kids in my house :) My mom had watched them the night before (which was the night of my surprise party) and they stayed the night there. So while I didn't get to wake up with my babies, I DID get one of the greatest gifts known to man.........I slept in. Kind of. Until 9am or so. But we didn't go to bed until around 2am. So I'm not sure if that's really considered sleeping in. Aaaaanyways...

My family was all coming to my house at 9:45am to have a Mother's Day breakfast. I forced myself out of bed and started cooking pancakes. My mom showed up with my kids, who wanted nothing to do with me for the next 30 minutes (we call this the Nana-hangover mode). Despite that fact, we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, hasbrown casserole, sausage and biscuits and gravy. So good. And the company was even better!

The plan was for us to all go to church together, but that got all sorts of messed up. One of my sweet nieces got sick on the way over, so my brother's family couldn't go. And my kids were being super grumpy and mean, so there was no way I was sitting through a church service with them--I knew I wouldn't get to hear any of it anyways if they weren't in the nursery. We ended up staying home and relaxing until we headed to Nick's family's house for lunch. We did an easy lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs, potato salad and pasta salad.  Luckily, the kids got happier and behaved much better. They enjoyed running around with their cousins!

After lunch, we headed home and it was NAP time!! YAY! The kids slept good and we got to relax while they were snoozing.

My sweet husband bought me a bunch of Bath and Body Works stuff and a card that said something along the lines of, "Thanks for putting up with our kids while they're on steroids."

This should be enough to last me through the summer :) I love me some lotion and smell-good spray!

We got Nick's mom (and dad) a joint Mother's/Father's Day present of a grill!

And we gave my mom this.....

 Needless to say, she was THRILLED with her gift.

Overall, it was a great Mother's Day and the perfect way to spend a Sunday. We got to see every single person in our family and spend some quality time together. What more could a girl ask for?!

Being a mom is hard (FREAKIN' HARD!!) but my two kiddos make it more than worth it. Hope all you mom's had a great day, too!

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