Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dirty Thirty

Tuesday, the 13th, was the day I'd been dreading.......although it didn't really end up making me feel any different. Except now when I circle my age group on surveys and random prize forms, I'll have to mark the 30-35 age group.  Yuck.

My family managed to make it a VERY special day. I dropped my kiddos off at Brooke's and she greeted me with these.....
 Beautiful flowers and peanut M&Ms.....yum!

My mom had me stop by and pick up some presents she had present for each hour of my work day! I have the best mom.

When I walked into work, my best friend had decorated my desk to let EVERYBODY know it was my birthday and I was THIRTY years old.......saying 3 decades just makes it seem that much older!

A lady I work with made me a delicious pineapple upside down cake (my all time favorite EVER) for my naturally, I ate a piece for breakfast!
Seriously. It's the best cake I've ever had.

Here are my presents throughout the day that I opened each hour (which makes the day really fast and really fun, by the way!)....





 cross-stitch picture


(You trying to tell me something, mom?)


(I forgot to take a picture, so I found one online!)

I loved opening each of these gifts! Some made me laugh and ALL of them made me happy!! If you're looking for a way to make somebody's day really special, this is a great way to do it!

I only worked until 1pm on my birthday and took the rest of it off to do some shopping before we all met up with my family to go to dinner. I bought myself four brand new shirts (NOT from Goodwill!!) and some earrings. I had a great time just shopping ALONE (without children, it's like a vacation almost!) and spending money on myself without feeling guilty.

I met my family at Olive Garden and we had a great meal together. I love getting to spend so much time with our families and am so glad that we all live close to each other. I'd be lost without my peeps! They spoiled me with MORE presents--money, earrings, perfume, books, bath salts....everything I could ever want! And I opened it all while eating some delicious pasta. What could be better?!?

We went home for the night and Nick gave me a present from him and the kids. I got more earrings, perfume and the BEST present EVER---

a bradford pear tree!! I love, LOVE those trees when they're in blossom. He tried to buy one, but found out that to get anything other than a little bitty seed was QUITE expensive :) So he's going to transplant a bradford pear tree that's down by the pond and move it to our front yard so next year I can pull up to our house every day in the spring and see those beautiful blossoms I covet in other people's yards!

Thanks, babe!!

Being thirty hasn't been too far. Right before my birthday, I found a few gray hairs. I think that was more traumatic than my actual birthday. GRAY HAIR?!? Didn't I JUST graduate high school?!

But oh well. I've lived a very GOOD thirty years and my family and friends make every day (of my incredibly old life) wonderful. I'm thankful for each day that God has given me and pray for many, many more! Thank you to everybody that helped make my 30th birthday so special!

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