Monday, May 19, 2014


Turning 30 is not something I've been excited about. I know everyone says it's just a number.....and that's true....but man, it's a BIG number! I truly feel like I just graduated high school and I'm playing house right now. How am I old enough to have been married 6 years and have 2 kids?!?


But with the help of my husband and family and friends, it turned out to be an AMAZING birthday! My 30th fell on a Tuesday. My husband decided last minute to take me out on Saturday for a date night because on the actual night of my birthday, we were going to eat dinner with my family. He arranged for us and the kids to go to Los Palmas for some cheap drinks and delicious Mexican food! My mom was going to pick them up when she was done working and then we were going to The Loony Bin. I was excited, but woke up that morning feeling SUPER nauseous and blah. I was trying really hard to be perky for our date night, but I felt like I was going to hurl at any moment, which kiiiiinda takes away the fun. Before we left for dinner, the kids gave me a bouquet of flowers "they" bought for me :) They were so pretty!

We loaded up the kids and headed to Los Palmas and I was praying my tummy would settle so I could enjoy my salsa. This was the sky as we were getting ready to leave....

 I was super nervous we were going to be driving into a hail storm, but we missed it!!

Nick was being kinda weird while the server was seating us and kept asking to sit in the back of the restaurant. I was all, "Okay, that works because if I vomit, nobody will be around to see it!" The waitress took us to the back and turns out my hubs had arranged a little surprise party for me!! I was TRULY surprised! All of our family and my best friend was there and my cousin had driven in from Kansas City to be there too. I was so excited! My stomach started feeling better, I had a delicious pina colada and thoroughly enjoyed my salsa and tacos.

After that, we went to a piano bar called Ernie Biggs. It was SO great! Everyone except my mom (who was watching the kids) got to go and we had such a blast! The piano players are awesome and sing some very interesting songs :) You can pay to have a message written on their board and my sweet group did this:
You can also pay to have a super embarrassing song sang to the birthday person while they sit on the piano, but I threatened the life of everyone in our group if anybody did that.

My sweet husband knew better and said there was no way he was going to do it because he had to sleep with me in the same bed that night. Smart man.
We stayed at Ernie Bigg's until a little after midnight, which is SUPER past this girls bed time!! I was proud of myself. It turned out to be an absolutely perfect night with my family and best friend. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to spend it with (even though I wished my mom could have came, but I know she had more fun watching the kids than she would have at a bar!). I was so grateful my husband put in so much time and effort into planning my surprise party and making sure nobody spilled the beans! It was the best birthday party EVER! Thanks, honey! Here's to being thirty and growing even OLDER together!.......

*I'll post more about my actual birthday in another post.....this one was getting a little long :)

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