Friday, March 28, 2014

3 years old

This is a little late in coming and I feel like I already wrote a million (okay, two) posts about him turning three, but I like having a quick run down of what my kiddos are up to at each age. And this is more for myself to have years down the road, so feel free to skip the reading if you want to :)

Thomas James--

At three years old, you are:

*around 36 lbs and 38 inches tall

*counting to 10 (although you sometimes skip 6 and go straight to 11, but we're working on it!) and singing your ABC's.

*potty trained (thank you God!). You still have a few random accidents but do pretty good. There was a time where you peed your bed EVERY night and one day you had like five accidents in a row. I talked to your doctor and he said you were probably doing it for attention and that we should not punish you but ignore it and make you clean up the mess. He was right. We did what he said and you stopped that day.

*hilarious! You say the funniest things. Your newest thing is that you call referees "diarrhea." We went to a hockey game and when we got home, you said, "Mommy, why did the diarrhea put that guy in the box?" You were talking about the referee putting a hockey player in the penalty box, but we couldn't stop laughing long enough to explain it. You also say, "Are you kiddin me?!?" when we tell you about something. So funny!

*really getting into sports. You LOVE hockey and football and set up hockey games in our house every night. You love watching football with daddy and you always want him to wear his football jersey when you are wearing yours. You constantly invite us to hockey games or basketball games that you're playing in the living room.

*in a size 4T pant (although they're a little big in the waist, they fit you perfectly length-wise) and 3T or 4T shirt.

*wearing a size NINE (almost 10) shoe. Bigfoot.

*surrounded by girls. I feel bad because the other day I was thinking that you're really never around BOYS (except baby boys that are too little to play with yet). The older kids at your daycare are girls, my friends mostly have girls.......sorry bud. I'm hoping once you're in preschool, you won't be completely clueless on how to play with boys!

*really getting into trucks, tractors, cars, etc. Your imagination  is so fun to watch while you're playing with them!

*accepting your discipline. You used to fight time out like crazy and we'd have to put you back a million times, but lately, you've walked straight to the corner, stood there for your one minute and then apologized when done. Fingers crossed that it lasts!

*ready for preschool! You know all your colors, shapes and a lot of your letters and numbers. You can spell your first name and say your address (most of the time unless you're being silly!). You almost always know left from right. You're a smart cookie!

*asking a looooooot of questions about God. I feel inadequate to answer your questions a lot of the time, but I try! I'm just glad you know enough about Him to want to know more! Although you did tell me the other day you don't want to live in "Heabin."

*wrote your name for the first time about a month after your birthday! I was amazed!! You've known how to spell it for a long time, but you sat there and wrote it, all by yourself. I was seriously so impressed!

*like a sour patch kid. One minute you're sour, the next, you're sweet. It makes it a little hard to figure out how you're going to react to things, but we've learned to kind of roll with the punches. You throw the biggest tantrums over the craziest things and then you'll turn around and be the sweetest little guy to us or your sister. Silly 3 year old!

*you talk noooooooon-stop. Literally. I've never met a person that could ask so many questions or keep up a dialogue with themselves as well as you do. Would I call it a gift?, the jury's still out on that one. Sometimes, silence is bliss. But it is entertaining :)
I feel like this picture is the perfect representation of how active and noisy you are!

Tommy, you are just the sweetest boy. I am thoroughly enjoying you. Everyone told us that three was worse than two, but so far, that's not the case with you. You're maturing--if that's possible for a three year old--right in front of our eyes. You're always quick to tell us we're doing a good job at something or that you love us or that you want us to "nuggle" with you. It's the best thing in the world to wake up every day and be your mom. I never knew how much  love my heart could hold until you came into our lives. I loved you as soon as I knew about you, but I love you even more now that we're getting to know who you are! I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

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