Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's getting closer!

Just in case you didn't brother's getting married on May 17th! We get to add these pretty ladies to our family and SOON!
I met JJ (and her 2 sweet girls) through her twin sister, Nicole. Nikki is one of my great friends from NCW.
LOVE these girls! I always joked with Nicole that I wished we were sisters.......and then she provided the PERFECT solution! Her twin! I introduced JJ to my brother (through Facebook) and they hit it off and the rest is history! Now they're getting hitched and I'm getting an awesome sister in law and a couple of SUPER cute and SUPER sweet nieces!!
We had a bridal shower for JJ a few weeks ago. Prepare for a barrage of pictures.......
The super cute cupcake cake Nicki made in the shape of a wedding dress--and they were deLISH.

Can't wait for her to be Mrs. Whitson!

 My sister made these cute little cards stamped with a  key and we had people write their "key" to a successful marriage and then gave them all to Joanna.

We made these favors for the guests--bags of popcorn drizzled with white and milk chocolate!


Mother of the groom and mother of the bride--both so excited for this wedding!

Opening gifts--she got all kinds of fun things.

JJ and her sweet mama

Hmmm.......they don't all look anything at all alike ;)

 We're so excited to have her as one of our girls now!
Now that the shower's over, it's onto the wedding! We're all so excited for the big day! And I'm not at all bitter that it's only 4 days after my 30th birthday and that it'll be stealing all my 30 year old glory..............ah-hem.
Just kidding. :)
Maybe it'll help me stop thinking about how I'm going to be THREE DECADES OLD!!
Hurry up and get here, May 17th!!

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