Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Well, my vision of having a million Christmas themed outings this year as a family of four got ruined by Nick's job. We (and by we, I mean I) had Christmas parties planned, nights of looking at lights in our PJs and a parade or two in mind to celebrate the upcoming holiday. But.........on December 10th, Nick's boss told him he MIGHT have to go to Mississippi for 10 days. But they didn't know for sure. And wouldn't until the next morning, which was when he would have to leave IF he was going to leave. Needless to say, December 10th was not a good night.

But December 11th was worse. They told Nick at 7:30am that him and a coworker were going to have to leave at 3:30pm that afternoon and wouldn't be back until December 20th. I MIGHT have cried. A lot. Looking back, it seems a little ridiculous, but I was so bummed that Nick was going to miss out on everything.

We had already scheduled a Christmas party for our family and Michael's (my brother in law) family at our house. I decided to go ahead and have it and I'm so glad I did. It was a blast!! "Santa" came to visit .
 Tessa got a purse with a cute little dolly.
 Tommy got a harmonica that he LOVES!
It was a great time of family and fellowship! It would have been the perfect night if Nick had been there!

 I wanted to keep busy while he was gone too so the days would go faster. I heard about a tree lighting in Andover. I was going to try to brave it by myself with both kids, but my bestie ended up going and helping out and I'm so thankful because it would have been a disaster if she hadn't!

There was a little train that I thought Tommy would love, but it was SO stinkin cold that he cried the whole time. He finally started liking it towards the very end.

 Then we headed inside to make some sugar cookies. Great idea. Horrible mess. But they loved it! I actually didn't mind it either since the supplies were free and I wasn't the one cleaning up the mess! And the sugar cookies were actually really good :) If you could get through the inch thick layer of frosting and sprinkles the kids decorated with!

Hannah and Sam had a good time too :) It was his first sugar cookie decorating event! Will he remember it? No. Will I always claim that I took him to his first Christmas party? Yes.
 They had such a good time! Love those cheesy smiles! While I was sad that Nick was missing out, I was glad to get to spend some time with Hannah. And can I just say that I LOVE that she loves my kids? True best friend.
They had a huge, beautiful Christmas tree all lit up. I couldn't pass up a picture in front of that!

To end the night, we went to see Santa....again. I just couldn't help myself!! I wanted to see if Tommy would do any better the THIRD time around. Yeah....this is how excited he was..........
 He got a little more enthusiastic when he showed me his list that he was going to give santa--a choo choo, a car and a pencil are what he was asking for.
 But his enthusiasm wore off by the time we got up to Santa and this was as close as he would get....
 Tessa stared him down for a good solid minute. Like, she didn't blink. At all. Just stared.
 Then she looked at the camera, took her picture and said, "buh-buh!"
It's amazing how different my kids are.

I feel like these are just a few of the pre-Christmas festivities we did. But they were definitely two of the most fun!

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