Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day started with the best present ever! The kids slept in--I think until around 8:30am! Woo-hoo! We ate a little breakfast and then got straight to business. Presents! They were so excited this year! Here comes picture overload.....

 Have I ever mentioned how photogenic Tommy is?! ;)

We all got more than we could ever want or need! Tommy got a Bronco's hat, a few DVDs, a Woody doll, a remote control helicopter, undies, a super hero cape and some shoes. Tessa got a necklace, her own make up bag, snow boots, PJs, a DVD and a few other little things. Nick got a dehydrator (every deer-jerky makers dream come true), a knife and some DVDs. And I got the best presents of all! Perfume, SUPER cute snow boots (or Nick has dubbed them my chore boots--right) and a color printer that prints pictures! I'll be putting that to good use!

After we had our family Christmas, we headed to Nana's. We ate a little brunch and then opened MORE presents!

Tommy spent more time playing with this little doctor's set than anything else! He was listening to everybody's "hawt."
 Tommy and Tessa got a tablet from Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael! Tommy calls it their ipad. We go along with it!
 Miss Essie got some chapstick in her stocking that she was just DYING to open! She was making the most hilarious faces trying to get that lid off! So funny!
 Uncle Brandon and Aunt JJ got Tommy a "Nunder shirt!!!" It's a Thunder Hockey shirt. He's obsessed!
 Alex and Tommy both got bikes from Nana! They were happy kids. Although Tommy was trying to ride his inside. Not a good plan.

We did a lot of relaxing after we opened presents and of course, we ate some more! After a quick stop at the Wilhelm's again, we headed home for the evening. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and read their devotional. And then I got my favorite picture of the day....

Merry CHRISTmas!!

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