Saturday, August 31, 2013

Catching up

So, it's been awhile. A long while. Whoops. For some reason, I feel guilty about not blogging. I don't know who exactly it is I feel responsible to, but I feel like I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing when I'm not blogging. But it felt good to not worry about it for a few weeks too!

This is all random, so try to follow along, mmkay?

1) One of my best friends had a baby. And he's SO cute!! I spent a weekend waiting for that stubborn little man to come out. But it was worth every  minute! He's the most handsome little boy with the cutest little face!

2) It's finally "facebook official" so I'm proud to announce my other best friend is pregnant! 16 weeks already. She found out right before Father's Day. And I knew just by looking at her. Literally. We work together, so there's no way she was keeping that a secret for long :) I can't wait to meet her little lady (I'm convinced it's a girl, although there's no proof yet). She finds out September 19th and I'm trying to convince her to fake a health problem so she can get a sono a little sooner, but she's not going for it. Whatev. I guess we'll have to wait until September 19th to start shopping for that little baby!!

3) Tessa had her one year check up and it went pretty well except a few things. Which I would LOVE to have prayers for :) The doctor saw her walking and commented that she's pretty bow legged. Which I had noticed, but didn't think much of. It's not a huge deal at all and he wasn't like....SUPER concerned, but he said we need to keep an eye on it. It's not just that her legs bow out when she walks, but her femurs seem to be growing a little curved. He said if it's not correcting soon, we will need to "have a look at it again." So prayers that they straighten out! Also, she has a lip tie. The side effects of that aren't anything drastic, but it can cause tooth decay, language delay and is currently causing a huge gap in her teeth that won't grow together until the lip tie is fixed. He looked at it at the appointment and said to go see a dentist in the next few months, but then he called me on my cell phone after I left his office and said he'd done a little research and felt like we needed to get it taken care of pretty quick. So we're going to an oral surgeon on September 6th for a consult. The surgery to correct it is super easy, but they have to sedate her, so that makes me a little nervous. I know, I know.....tons of kids get sedated every day and I know nothing will go wrong. I just don't like thinking about it. But we'll know more details after the 6th.

4) Tommy is (mostly) potty-trained!!! I was off work for 3 days in August while Brooke and Michael went to Jamaica (lucky ducks) and we stayed in the house for three days until he started pottying in the big boy potty! He still won't go number 2 in the big boy potty, so if anyone has any tips on that, PLEASE feel free to share! But he tells us when he has to pee and hasn't had ANY accidents during nap or bed time. We're loving not buying diapers!

5) Nick and I are going to be celebrating our 5th anniversary on September 6th! I can't believe it's been 5 years already and I can't believe it's only been 5 years. Sometimes it seems like the time has flown and others it seems like we've been "us" forever. So lucky to be married to him :) And I love that anniversaries are good excuses for date nights!

6) I'm working on eating healthier. I started last Sunday and have lost 4lbs! I know it's so worth it to not eat junk, but man it's hard!! I've been praying for God to make me hate sweets! So far, He hasn't changed that about me, but I trust it will happen soon!

7) I've had the shopping bug lately. I just went through Tessa's clothes and let's just say she's set for winter. I think she has a different outfit to wear everyday for two months. Literally. But everything I buy is Goodwill, garage sales or something somebody has given us and it's all so cute!! I can't wait for her to start wearing them all!

So lots of stuff happening lately! Of course as soon as I start to write about how  busy I am, I can't think of one thing I've done in the last three weeks! But trust me when I say we haven't had very many spare moments. I'm aiming to do better about writing consistently so I don't forget the best days of my life!

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