Tuesday, September 3, 2013

THAT girl

Sometimes, things happen in life so repeatedly that we start to have a false sense of reality. I am very, VERY guilty of that. If something happens more than once, I start to think, "Of course! That's the story of my life--why WOULDN'T that happen today?"

At work, it seems like we go days without any problems and then all the sudden, every patient shows up 20 minutes late. And it happens like that for 4-5 days at a time. And in those 4-5 days, I get so annoyed and frustrated and it starts to become my reality that other people have no respect for OUR time because they show up late, causing US to run late and I get mad. Because that's just what happens in my life.

Or my kids are angels a few days in a row and I make good snacks and think of fun things to do and we live in pinterest-world and I think I'm mom of the year. And then the next week goes horribly (think Table Rock) and I forget about the good week and live in the reality that I'm a bad mom and my kids are going to grow up to be snotty and rude teenagers because I have no idea how to discipline them, lose my temper more than I should and canNOT get my son to poop in the toilet!!! Because that's just what happens in my life.

Or Nick and I have a week full of long evenings together after the kids sleep and a date night that has great conversation and then we have loooots of dessert (you know what I'm sayin when I say "dessert"..............uh, brownies, of course!! Get your mind outta the gutter!). But then the next week he's on third shift and we hardly get to see each other and I start feeling distant and like we haven't spoken in a week and it becomes my reality that we're fighting over nothing and both so sleep deprived that we're a little delirious. Because that's JUST what happens in MY life!!

But I read a book recently called Unglued. And it's really made me stop and think about the thought process of, "That's just my luck" or "Yup, I'm that girl that annoying stuff always happens to." Why claim that for myself? Out of our mouth comes the overflow of our hearts. And my heart sometimes lives in some very false realities. When I pronounce that over myself-- 'of course every patient is going to be late and rude today' or 'my kids are crazy because I'm just that crazy mom that can't control them' or 'my husband must not be in love with me anymore because we're not making out every second of every day'--I'm just asking to set myself up to fail.

And I'm tired of doing that. It is my goal and mission to start proclaiming God's word over my life instead of letting little thoughts that Satan plants in my mind become the truth that I live by! I don't want to be THAT girl that always blames luck for the things that happen in my life. I challenge you to do the same!!


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