Thursday, August 1, 2013

At one year old....

Tessa Grace,

At one year old, you are:

*22 lbs

*30 inches tall

*in a size 3 diaper (I think we're reaaaally close to size 4)

*wearing a size 5 shoe (big feet!)

*in mostly 12-18 month stuff. You can still fit some brands of 12 month stuff, but not much

*OFF OF FORMULA!! Woo-hoo!! Daddy is super happy about that. He hasn't had to buy any in about a month.

*done with bottles!! Another woo-hoo!! I was really worried about that transition because you seemed super attached to your bottle. But we started giving you a sippy full of milk every night before bed and you have done just fine.

*ALSO done with your paci!! That happened on accident on 7/29/13--just a few days after your first birthday. I forgot to give you a paci to take to Aunt Brooke's, but she said you went to sleep okay without it. So we decided to stop from then on. And you did AWESOME!! I was also worried about taking that away, but in usual Tessa fashion, you did great! You haven't been any fussier and you're still sleeping fine.

*a momma's girl. You love to do what I'm doing, when I'm doing it. You got a plastic make up kit for your birthday and you like to play with it while mommy does hers every morning. You like to be right at my heels while I'm cooking. When I leave your sight, you cry and cry like I'm never coming back. But I always do :)

*getting so independent! You are going up stairs very well by yourself. Unfortunately, you're just dying to go down them by yourself, but you're not so good at that yet. Daddy had you and Tommy outside last week and he went into the chicken coop to get eggs and when he turned around, you had climbed the ladder on the swingset and were getting ready to go down the slide. Talk about a heart attack!! That's like, 8 feet off the ground! You're too brave for your own good!

*falling asleep in your crib by yourself and sleeping through the night. I was falling asleep with you because at the time I enjoyed it and you fell asleep very quickly. In the last few months, however, you started wanting to play or touch my face or watch TV instead of going to sleep. We were both getting frustrated because the process was taking about an hour every night. So we finally started putting you in your crib and letting you cry it out. We realized quickly we should have done that in the beginning because the first night, you cried for about 10 minutes, then 2nd night it took about 5 minutes and then you haven't cried since then. You're the easiest baby ever!!

*in love with drinking out of a water bottle! You always find them in the house and bring them to me and grunt until I open it and give you a drink. And you think you're pretty hot stuff when you do it!
* not eating near as much as  you used to. You used to be a bottomless pit. Now you're getting a little ore picky. You eat less and not quite as much of a variety. But you're still a pretty good eater overall!

*super into clothes and shoes. I love it! The other day, you carried one of your shoes to me and grunted and then sat down on the ground and stuck your foot up. I put your shoe on and you took it off a few minutes later. Then you wanted it back on AGAIN. I told you I wasn't going to put them on and off and on and off. And you picked your shoe up, grunted and launched it at my head. Nice. I can see we're going to have some interesting shopping trips in the future :)

*still kind of a tomboy, even though you like girly stuff. You're always in dirt, riding the 4 wheeler, running around naked or digging in the trash. You have no problem being dirty!
*saying a few words. Your favorite is to yell, "MAMA!!" You also say bubba, dada and you say baba, but it means drink. Whenever you're thirsty, you say baba over and over until we get you a drink!

*napping usually once a day, from around 2pm to 4 or 5pm. As long as it stays quiet, you're good for at least a few hours.

*SO ornery! I've been catching you more and more trying to get your brother in trouble. He won't even touch you and you start screaming like you're in so much pain, when in reality, all he did is take his toy back or look at you the wrong way :) You also like to grab things you know you shouldn't have and run away as fast as you can. You LOOOOOVE that game.

*a heartbreaker. Mommy and Daddy are head over heels for you, little girl! So is your bubba. You have us all wrapped around your fingers. When you cry, it's just so stinkin sad! And when you laugh, it's the cutest thing. I'm not gonna lie--disciplining you is hard :)

*giving really big, really wet, open-mouth kisses! It's kind of hilarious and kind of disgusting. But you give those kisses everything you've got!!

*really sensitive. When you're doing something naughty, all I have to do is give you a look and you hang your head and start tearing up (which also adds to making it difficult to discipline you!). You get very upset and your feelings are hurt. You getting in trouble is harder on me than it is on you!

So glad we made it through the first year, sweet girl! We love you!

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