Monday, April 25, 2011

A weekend of firsts!!!

So this weekend was a very BUSY weekend full of firsts in our family! It was SO exhausting but SO fun :) First of all, it was Nick's FIRST full weekend off in a looooooooong time. He almost always works on Saturdays, but not this weekend! Tommy stayed the night at my mom's on Friday night, so we got to sleep the whole night and even slept in a little bit the next morning. It was SO nice! My mom brought Tommy home around 9am and we all loaded up to go watch my CRAZY sister and her equally crazy boyfriend go skydiving for the first (and hopefully last) time!

Before the jump--nervous but excited!

Their shady plane that somehow fit FOUR people!
I gotta say, when I was younger, I had a zest for crazy, scary thing. But the older I get, the more I have to lose and the less I want to do things that could potentially kill me. Roller coasters make me nauseous (as do big hills we drive over) and just WATCHING her and Michael flying up to jump made my heart beat accelerate. How lame am I? It was so scary to watch them jump! They were so small it was almost impossible to see them.    


I had to use my SUPER zoom lens to be able to even make out where they were. It was kind of cloudy anyways, but I truly thought that they were just specs of lint on my lens until they started falling fast enough that I realized that was them. Those pictures are when they FINALLY got a little closer to the ground. I thought when they landed they would be SUPER pumped and energetic, but I think they were both in so much shock that their reaction was actually really funny!

When Michael landed, he just let out a little laugh and kept looking around.

When Brooke landed, she looked like a scared little kitten. She didn't say a WORD for like 5 minutes and looked breathless for a long time :)

Happy to be alive!
Certified jumpers!
After their skydiving adventure, me, Nick, Tommy, Whitney and my mom went car shopping for my mom. Her car just broke down and she's been desperately trying to find a new one with no luck :( Me, Whit and Tommy stayed in the car the whole time while mom and Nick went in and tried to play hardball. I hate car shopping and was SO glad we weren't looking for one for us!
After car shopping, we went to Rusty and Becky's house for Easter. It was bittersweet because I LOVE getting together with our family and our Easter tradition, but it was hard to be at Becky's house and her not be there. I think the day turned out well overall, but there was definitely a hint of sadness in the air. Easter was her big shindig and she always had so much fun planning and reminding us of the Easter egg hunt rules. She is sorely missed, that's for sure, but on Easter especially, we were reminded that while we miss her down here, she is praising her Savior on the streets of Heaven!!

Tommy participated in his vey first "Junior Division" of the egg hunt! Let me tell you, he was just SOOO excited........yeah. 

He was more interested in putting his legs IN his Easter basket rather than finding the eggs. Imagine that at only 3 months old :)

We left their house around 7pm and headed home. Mom got to go to bed early and daddy put Tommy to sleep. That was such a nice treat! I think I got a full 7 hours of sleep! It was awesome!!

The next morning, we woke up and tried to get ready for church on time---yeah right. At least we tried :) I got distracted and spent a lot of time with Tommy because he did another first. He rolled over!!! From his back to his tummy. It was SO awesome. I knew I was a proud momma, but I truly almost cried when he did it. A little extreme? Maybe. But it was SO exciting!! I got Tommy the CUTEST little suit, but we had some baby drama because Nick thought it was stupid and that Tommy didn't like it and my thought was that Tommy has no idea what he's wearing and doesn't care. But whatever--really a trivial thing on Easter Sunday. He looked like a little stud muffin!
It might just be me, but I see a future movie star here

Do you think he's getting really tired of pictures?!?
He was SO good during church. He sat on Nana's lap most of the time and just watched everything going on around him. Towards the end of the service, he did the usual and fell asleep :) I love cuddling my sweet boy and listening to the word of God being preached. Nothing better.

After church, we ran to Nana's really fast and opened his Easter baskets. He got a playmat from Nana and about 4 outfits from Aunt Brooke. Mommy LOVED his presents.....and so did he, I'm sure :) And whenever you're at Nana's, you have to fit in a family portrait of course.

Then we headed home to do a quick costume change (AKA--get comfortable) so we could head to the raft for the Wilhelm Easter party. It was kind of chilly, so we bundled up. Once we got there, we had ANOTHER huge meal (I feel like we ate all weekend and only came up for short breaths in between bites). Tommy pretty much chilled in his stroller the whole time and then once again..........fell asleep.
cute baby

After a few hours of visiting, we went home. I was in the kitchen cutting up some strawberries and he was once again talking up a storm. So I went over there and was tickling his chubby little legs and he let out his FIRST full blown baby laugh!!! It was the CUTEST thing I have ever heard!! It brought tears to my eyes. Talk about making a joyful noise unto the Lord!! I could only get him to do it a few times and he quit as soon as I hollered for Nick to come and bring the camera (of course).  But it was SO awesome to hear his sweet little grunty laugh!

So this weekend was one of the busiest of my life, but so awesome and so rewarding. Thanks be to God for his blessings of family, food and friends!! Happy late Easter!

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