Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So today, I am 37 weeks!! Holy cow, is it possible?!!? I can finally be considered full term :) YAY!! Now.......if he would just come out. We go to the OB today at 3:30pm to see if I've progressed any further. We went last week and I was 1 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced and SO excited to hear that news! I know I could stay at those measurements for awhile, but it felt good to hear that we were actually making progress and Tommy is slowly but surely "heading out" (haha, had to do it) into the world! I'm getting excited even as I type this!!! I can't WAIT to see him and hold him and love on him. Just in the last few weeks, the pregnancy has started to get uncomfortable. They say I am measuring average and the thought in my head is that average must mean they're 6 foot 5 inches with legs the length of the Mississippi river!! He FEELS HUGE!!!!!!!! And I know that's just because he's growing and running out of room, but holy smokes. The doctor did say that his head has dropped and is in the birth canal, so that's good news as far as that I as long as there aren't any complications, I should be able to have him naturally and NOT with a c-section. That made me REALLY happy :) But he keeps doing this crazy move where it feels like he throws his whole body to my left side. Don't know if that's really what's happening, but that's what it feels like. I just keep picturing him with his head stuck in the canal and the rest of his body just flingling around in there :) And while it IS uncomfortable, I have to admit, it's still fun. I love when he kicks and I poke him and then he kicks me back. It's like we're playing and it amazes me that even though he's still in the womb, he gets the fact that SOMETHING is poking him back and it's like a game! God is amazing and if you have any question about that, pregnancy has GOT to clear that up. I just can't BELIEVE how a human being can grow inside another human being and to feel him move and know when he's sleeping or if he's kicking when he hears's just awesome!! God's handprints are all OVER this baby!! I am just so excited to know him and see who he is going to become. Parenting is already the greatest thing I've ever done and he's not even born yet. People always say you never know what real love is until you have a child. And I didn't get it until now. But I would TRULY lay my life down for Tommy. I feel myself get protective and upset just THINKING about when he's older--if he goes through hardships or gets teased or put down about anything. I hurt thinking about him getting hurt. And it's crazy!! That I haven't "seen" him yet but I feel all these things for him. It's truly a love I have not known until recently. So I am praying hard core that he comes soon!! I know I have 3 weeks left, but he's healthy and ready and SO AM I!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME OUT TOMMY!!!

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