Thursday, January 6, 2011

No progress

Our appt was not really all that wonderful yesterday. It was kind of weird. Nick and I were both in really good moods and we got called back for our appt within like 15 minutes of getting there---which is HIGHLY unusual. We usually wait in the waiting room for about 45 minutes and then in the exam room for 15-20 minutes. So we were stoked we got called back quickly. And then it all went downhill :) They took my blood pressure and it was 140/90. I haven't had any problems with blood pressure so I wasn't too concerned and my urine didn't have any protein in it, so that was good. But now we have to monitor it and if it gets any higher, I have to go back for bloodwork. Then the nurse let me know that there was a lab error on my group B strep test which we did last week, so the doctor was going to have to repeat it again. Fun. I'm not sure everyone knows exactly what happens in a group B strep test but for those that don't, basically, they wipe your butt with a cotton swab. It is kinda awkward to do once, but fun. Then she checked me and I was still only at 1 1/2 cm and 50 % effaced. But that's okay. I'm preparing myself for this baby to come late and just PRAYING that he actually comes on time or a little early. Either way, I know time is going to fly by. I took my blood pressure again this morning and it was 130/98. Still not great, but I'll check again this afternoon and hopefully it's gone down. I REALLY don't want to have to do a 24 hour urine test. Can you imagine carrying your pee around in a bottle and trying to get it in there every time you go to the bathroom?!? Yuck. Sorry, this was probably more than most of you (if anyone's reading :) wanted to know but I had to record all this SOMEwhere!!!

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