Friday, August 20, 2010

OB update!

Well we went to our OB on Tuesday. I was REALLY hoping we would find out the sex at that time, but she found the heartbeat without having to do a sono (which is ultimately a good thing since it means my bambino is healthy!). While Dr. Lowden was using the doppler on my stomach, we would hear the heartbeat and then hear a loud noise. She said the loud noise was the baby kicking at us!!

That really made this hit home for me. I mean yes, I get that I'm having a baby, but sometimes I forget or I just don't really think about it because I can't see it or feel it yet. But when she said that I was like, "HOLY COW!! There is a CHILD in there and it's moving and alive!!" Crazy.

Then her next statement started World War number 2 :) She said, "The heartbeat is low at around 140." Nick was GOING to ask her if that was TOO low or if it was ok so he said, "And a heartbeat of 140 means......." And she mistook his question and instead of saying whether that was healthy or not, she said, "USUALLY means its a boy!" And there was an instant grin on Nick's face and my eyes started rolling. Now, I'm sure since all OBs do every day is listen to baby heartbeats, they might have an IDEA of what it will be, but there's no ABSOLUTE certainty until you have a sono. And Nick said that of course he knew it could still be a girl, but I could see in his eyes, he'd already named it Tommy, dressed it in camo and signed him up for the football team.

But I must say, the smile on his face was enough to make me almost want a boy :) It was sweet to watch and I know no matter what we have, he's going to be such a proud dad! So we'll find out for sure what we're having on 8/30/10 and trust me, there will be a blog by the next day for sure!! I can't wait to find out and feel like this next week is going to draaaaaaaggg by.

Until the sono, Nick will continue to call the baby Tommy and I will continue to call it Tessa :) I told him if it is a boy, it might come out with a complex because I've been calling this baby Tessa since I found out I was pregnant and if it's really a Tommy, then.........I'm gonna have a hard habit to break! Also ever since I found out I was pregnant, EVERYONE has been giving me a hard time and saying it's twins. Then last night, I had a dream that I adopted twins while I was pregnant with twins!!! AGGGGHHH!!!! Now wouldn't that be scary?!? So who knows, maybe I'll find out I have a Tommy AND a Tessa! But at least after the sono, we can put that myth to rest :) More to come later!

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