Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new beginning

As a new year comes upon us, I can't help but make the annual "resolution list." I don't know why because usually I waste an hour thinking of all the things in my life I should change........and then never do :) Oops! I guess I should call it my new year's wish list. Of course, there's the infamous "excercise more" and stay organized, but this year I added blogging to my list. I never send out christmas cards or update letters. Whenever I get those in the mail from families I think, "Man, I'm SO going to start doing that!!" Yeah.......you can all guess how that turns out. Usually around Christmas time I trick myself into thinking that I'm actually going to mail out cards, so I write them out and address the envelopes and then usually lose them or forget to mail them until Christmas day. And a lot of times I just can't bring myself to pay $0.42 for a little tiny stamp. This year, I just said forget it and I'll start blogging so people can stay updated on our life! I just got off the phone with my sister, Brooke. She had her wisdom teeth taken out and is still HIGHLY medicated :) She was extremely mad that her dentist didn't say hi to her when he walked into the room. Instead he just "poked her with his thing." I promise those were here words!! I was thinking, "Man, couldn't we sue for that?" But then she explained that it was a long tube with really neat medicine in it. SOOOO glad I never had to have that done! We got a new bed last night........THANK GOD!!! I'm SO grateful we got it. It's a king size pillow top and sleeping on it last night was like a dream. So amazingly soft and comfy. Our old bed is SO old. Nick had it for about 7 years before we got married, so it's going on being 9 years old. I think we're going to use it as a gues bed upstairs. Nick wanted to throw it away, but it's not like it's broken! You can't throw away a perfectly good bed!! Besides, does anyone ever really stay with another family thinking, "I can't wait to sleep on their guest bed!! It's going to be so comfortable!" No, usually guest beds are left overs, so what would it hurt to put it in the spare bedroom? Well enough for the first blog........Sorry if it's really long. I'll try to update frequently, but not making any promises. Not that we're going to have a huge list of followers, but I'll still try :)

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