Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Flag Football!

Tommy is playing Flag Football this year.....and I LOVE it. I wasn't sure how it would be because I don't really understand all the rules. But it has been SO fun watching his practices and seeing how much this boy loves football!

His cousin, Beckett, is on his team and so are a few friends from his class, so that makes it even more fun!

They were ready to start the game!
 Showing their "muscles"......

 Just a couple of cousins doing some blocking........
 I love this picture because it shows how great all of the coaches are. I wasn't sure how the kids would do since for most of them, this is their first year to play and they're still learning all of the rules. But at the game, all of the coaches on both teams were SO hands on and out in the field helping them. It was truly a show of sportsmanship and they were all encouraging both teams and just helping the kids to really have fun and ENJOY the game. I love that we live in a small town where sports are important, but sportsmanship and fun are MORE important!

 This game was the culmination of all of Nick's dreams come true...playing football with his son! I think he loves being out there more than Tommy!

Overall, they did SO good! Tommy loved it and can't wait for his next game!

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