Friday, January 22, 2016

Tommy's 5th birthDAY

Tommy's 5th birthday turned out to be a little bit of a mess. I had scheduled to have the day off and planned a surprise mini-birthday party after school was over. I hadn't told him anything about it, but I had invited one of his favorite friends from preschool to go bowling along with the the kids/cousins that Brooke baby-sits. He kept saying he wanted a birthday party with all of the kids in his class, but he gets so painfully shy that I was afraid if I had one, he would get awkward and weird and not really enjoy it. So I was keeping my fingers crossed that having just one favorite friend would go over well!

However.......his birthday was on a Wednesday and at some point during the weekend before, he starting having some asthma issues. And he was so junked up that he would cough and cough until he got sick. We bumped up his nebulizer treatments and he did okayish. Then him and Tessa started running really high fevers. He missed one day of school and was sick all the day before he was supposed to go back (he goes every other day). It was one of those "feels great on ibuprofen, but as soon as it wears off, he crashes" illnesses. I took them to the doctor and he had a respiratory infection and she had an ear infection.

But on the morning of his birthday, he woke up fever free and feeling SO good! I was SOOOOO glad. I decided to send him to school and go ahead with his little surprise party. I THINK I was more excited about his birthday than he was. We started out the morning with our annual room full of balloons........
My normally hard to wake up boy popped out of bed! We took his temp and it was normal. I listened to his chest and it sounded decent.  So I declared him safe for school and he was SO excited! We got around and he opened a few presents.....
 I asked him to hold up 5 fingers and got this gem of a picture..........
He's such a nerd. 

It was his day to take snacks to school and he had BEGGED to take chocolate chip cookies. I totally didn't feel like baking since I had spent the day before at the doctor's office and the weekend up playing nurse. So I totally went to McDonald's, bought enough cookies to feed his class and wrapped them in cute little birthday baggies. And he LOVED it. So that made me feel less guilty!

After we dropped him and his snacks off at school, Tessa and I went and did a little shopping until it was time to pick him up. We got to school and told him his friend was coming home with us and he was SO excited! I packed them up in the car, drove to Brooke's and picked up the rest of the kids and we headed to Gambino's for lunch. I wasn't so sure how well lunch would go with 6 kids, but they were SOOOO good. Well-behaved, not too was nothing short of a miracle.

After lunch, we drove to El Dorado to go bowling. Tommy has been begging to go bowling for awhile now and I kept putting it off, so he was super stoked to see the bowling alley! And the kids had the BEST time. I tried MULTIPLE times to get a good picture, but this was the best one :)


I got to spend some time with my little Beezers!
Tommy was LOVING being with the kids and bowling. This was his signature bowling move.....
It worked really well--he ended up bowling a pretty decent game! Of course, bumpers never hurt....

After bowling, we went back to Brooke's house and the kids all played pin the tail on the donkey and had cupcakes and opened presents.

The kids all had such a good time playing together. I'm so glad we invited one of his friends and they got to bond a little outside of school! After cupcakes, we took his friend home and went back to our house for a little nap. We were worn out! Then when dad got home, we opened some more presents and enjoyed a quiet dinner together.

 We had gotten him a train table as his main present, so I kept telling him I was SO excited to give him his BIG present. We had it all set up downstairs, so when it was finally time, we headed down there to show him. I was pumped because he LOVES trains. We let him open a wooden train set first and told him to take them downstairs, so he did....
He saw the train table and I said, "LOOK, BUDDY!!!" He grinned really big, looked at it and said, "Cool!....where's my big present?"

Yeah. Talk about a let down. But after we explained that WAS his big present, he was still excited. We built his train tracks and got all the trains out and him and Tessa played on it for at least an hour! 

Unfortunately, he started running a fever again that night and was sick for a few more days. We ended up having to cancel his family birthday party that weekend. I felt so bad for him. He got a little teary-eyed when I told him, but we didn't want to get anyone else sick and he still wasn't 100%. But we made up for it by taking him to Chuck E Cheese with my family a few days later and celebrating with Nick's family about a week later. He ended up having so much fun at all three parties and certainly a spoiled, well-loved little boy!

Happy birthday, Thomas James!

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