Thursday, September 4, 2014

Purple Princess Party

I somehow missed writing about Tessa's birthday party! For about 3 months before her birthday, she had her mind set on a purple princess party. So that's what she got!


We had lots of good food and I made "princess wands" for favors (chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles).

 This was her purple cupcake cake that was supposed to be in the shape of a princess dress! It was kind of last minute, but I think people got the gist of what it was supposed to be :) Tessa loved it, so that's all that really matters! I for some reason ALWAYS procrastinate on their cakes, so I was trying to turn the white frosting purple shortly before all the guests arrived. It ended up more grayish, but that was the best I could get it! At least it still tasted yummy!

Tessa turns into a total solemn faced little girl whenever she's the center of attention in a crowd. It's hilarious. At events that are supposed to be SO fun (like a 2 year old birthday party), she gets very serious and won't talk to anyone or smile. Which is SO unlike her! So at her party, she hardly cracked a smile during presents (or any other part of it, for that matter). This was her birthday wish list:

NO idea where some of that came from!

This was as close as we got..............

She got TONS of fun presents! Purses, dolls, legos, art name it, she got it! She's one blessed little girl. We got her what we thought was going to be an EPIC present........

....Instead, it was an epic fail! This picture was the first and last time she's gotten on it! But I'm hoping at some point, she'll warm up to it. It took Tommy a year to ride his (what is it with my kids not wanting these awesome toys?!? I would've killed for some Hot Wheels when I was younger!). So maybe by her 3rd birthday, she'll be all over it!

This was Tessa AFTER everybody left and she was no longer the center of attention--

It's truly crazy how different of a kid she is when nobody else is around! She LOVED all her presents (except the one we got her)!! Especially her purses!

For her actual birthday, she woke up to a roomful of balloons (a tradition I started with Tommy). She takes awhile to wake up in the mornings, so she didn't really know how to act!

Then it was time to blow out some candles.....

I had to work for a half day, so I got the birthday girl ready and then headed to work.
That's her "cheese" face. Too cute :)

 I got off in time for lunch and we met Brooke, Tommy, Alex and Essie to eat at Ciao's. It was delicious! After that, we brought all the kids back to my house and let them play in the sprinkler and eat popsicles.

And of course, there were more cupcakes involved....

After they played, it was NAP time! They napped until Daddy came home. Then we all went to dinner and did a little shopping. Then we came home and opened some presents.

She was WORN OUT by the end of the day and so ready for bed. We got our sweet 2 year old girl all tucked in and she was out in no time! 

Overall, we had a great time celebrating our precious girl! We love you so much, Tessa Grace!

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