Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The stats...

Tessa, at 2 years old, you are:

*right around 26 lbs and 36 inches.

*wearing size 24 month and 2t clothes.

*in a size SEVEN shoe, quickly moving to a size 8. What?!? You completely skipped size 6!

*saying all your colors pretty well. You get them wrong occasionally, but do pretty good overall! You say purple is your favorite, but until recently, I don't think you even knew for sure what color purple was.

*obsessed with popsicles! You want them all. The. TIME. You say, "A pah-seeckle, mommy? Me have one?" When I say no, you say, "Please!!! Pitty, pitty please!" You think adding the "pitty, pitty" will make me say yes :)

*singing a lot! It's so funny! You can't really match the words, but you try hard!

*getting a little pickier about what you eat. You have definitely entered the toddler eating stage--you don't eat much and when you do, it's things like mac and cheese or crackers.

*learning what time out is. It seems like since you hit the two year old mark, you've spent a majority of your two year old life in timeout. Sigh. It HAS to get better, right?

*talking up a storm! You say tons and TONS of sentences and words and can pretty much repeat anything we say (which has backfired a few times).

*sporting some CRAZY bedhead! Your hair is getting so long and curly and is often out of control! And it's so blond now!

*interested in going potty on the big girl potty. You get bothered when you're wet and ask me to change your diaper, so I think we'll start that adventure pretty quickly!

*obsessed with the kitty. Like, to the point it scares me that you're going to accidentally squish him to death one day.

You're getting so big, Tess! 

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