Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Let's just start by saying I was SO hoping this year was going to be better than last. I vaguely remember Tommy having some massive meltdowns and their costumes being a ridiculous mess because I had waited until last minute (which is SO unlike me.......yeah). We started the morning in pumpkin shirts--can you tell Tessa was excited for her first REAL Halloween since she was so young last year? And can you tell she loves her brother juuuuuuuust a little bit?!

This year, Tommy INSISTED on being a chicken. Like, talked about it for 3 months until I finally broke down and bought one on E-bay because nobody in Wichita stocks a CHICKEN costume on the shelf (insert eye roll here). Tessa was a ladybug because that's what I happened to pick up at Goodwill a year ago with this year in mind! Both costumes turned out SO much better than last year!

We started out the evening at Brooke and Michael's. They were a zombie mechanic and a pirate :)

Tommy and Tessa were both in pretty good moods, so I was stoked to see what the evening held!

We went to Tom and Esther's and decided to start Trick or Treating around their neighborhood. As expected, Tommy was a little hesitant. And as expected, Tess was practically running from house to house to get her candy. 

 After we hit a few houses, we stopped for chili and macaroni at Grandma and Papa's. But only after we got some candy from them first!
 After dinner, we did Trick or Treating with the Kirkpatrick's for a little while. Poor little Tessa just couldn't keep up with her cousins and brother, so she spent most of the time with Aunt Christi just trying to get from one house to another as fast as she could!
Then we stopped by to see baby Chas (and in Tommy's words, he is "da dutest baby I ever, ever seen!) Tommy and Tessa LOVED baby Chas! And he was definitely the most handsome Mickey Mouse I've ever seen! Tessa kept "helping" aunt Kendra feed the baby.
We happened to run into Tommy's best buddy, Mal, while we were visiting Chas. I was so glad because I wanted a picture of them together! And she was the prettiest Minnie Mouse I've ever seen!
Nick had to work (why is he always on third shift at Halloween?!?), so we ended the night at Nana's house. She dressed up like a French maid. We stopped and Trick or Treated there and then Nana went to a few other houses with us.
After that, we headed home. With NO fits and NO incidents of any kind! It was amazingly fun and non-stressful. Tommy and Tessa both had great attitudes the whole time and I was so, SO happy about that. I LOVE holidays, but I love watching my kids enjoy them even more!

Happy Halloween from my two bucket-heads!

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