Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mish Mash

This post is just kind of mish mash of stuff that lets me show off pictures of my kid without seeming like one of "THOSE" moms :) Even though I kinda am sometimes! This summer has been so busy and fun. Tommy has changed so much and has done a lot of 'firsts' this summer.

One Saturday, daddy had to work, so me and Nana took Tommy swimming!! It was quite an experience at first but turned out to be really fun. I had been wanting to go to Rock River Rapids in Derby and they have a toddler time from 11am to 12:30pm when only kids 5 and under can be in the park. It was awesome becuase then you didn't have to worry about your kid getting trampled or splased too much. But it started out with us running a little late (as usual). We stopped at a few garage sales on our way to Derby and I bought Tommy some DVDs (Elmo and Veggie Tales which he LOVES). Then I realized I had only been to Derby once and didn't really remember how to get there. We finally figured it out and had planned to stop at Wal-Mart in Derby but we couldn't find it anywhere. I was going to buy Tommy a floatie becuase he didn't have one yet. So we stopped at Target and FINALLY found one that cost TWENTY DOLLARS!! Really?!? $20 bucks for a baby floatie?? But whatever. So we got to the car and my mom opened it to start blowing it up and it was pink with little mermaids on it. Oh brother. The package had been blue, so naturally, we thought it was going to be blue. It wasn't. My mom blew that thing up until she almost passed out and I took a try but we only got it about half way full. Oh well, at least it could float. Tommy freaked out when we first put him in the water, but after I held him a little bit and slooooowly eased him in, he was fine and he LOVED it! He just leaned back in his floatie with his little hat on and relaxed. It was so cute :)
Nana and Tommy in the trunks and hat she bought him

Mommy and Tommy getting ready to SWIM!!
I really hope Tommy likes the water for the rest of his life. I don't want him to be scared of it, so I'm glad he enjoys it so far!

Moving on to even MORE exciting stuff, in the last week, Tommy has started getting up on all fours!! I got it on video but for the life of me can't get the stinkin thing uploaded.

It was very exciting and I bet he'll be crawling in no time. He gets really irritated though once he's up on all fours. He starts rocking back and forth and screams and then pushes up to where he's just on his hands and toes.

It's quite amusing to us, but he doesn't find it very funny at all.

And last but not least, I have 2 very convincing photographs that will leave NO doubt in your mind whatsoever that Tommy is a prodcut of me and Nick. :)

Proof that Tommy belongs to the Davis family--Brooke, my mom and I have woken up with hair do's like this SEVERAL times in our life!

Proof that Tommy belongs to the Wilhelm family--I have seen similar cracks on his father more times that I can count :)

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