Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1/2 a year old!! Are you kidding me?!?

So my kid is 6 months old. First of all, it sounds really weird to say '"my kid". Yeah, you would think 6 months later I would be used to the idea, but it's still setting in :) Second of all, it sounds weird to sy MY KID is SIX MONTHS OLD!! We've hit the half way mark--6 months ago I was going through the scariest, most exciting, painful, awesome day of my life. And in 6 short months, my baby will be a year old.'s going too fast. I only want 2 kids, but I tell you what, I'm already having little, bitty newborn withdrawals and if I keep feeling that way, we might end up with 15 kids!! I LOVE watching him get older but it makes me sad that he's getting more independent and less needy of his mommy.

Tommy, at six months old, you are:

*weighing in at---wait for it folks, wait for it---- 20 lbs and 14 oz. Yup, that explains the cramp in my arm after holding you for a few minutes.

*27 1/2 inches long

*still wearing size 2 diapers. We are almost ready for size 3s. The size twos fit around your waist, but because you're so long, they don't go very high on your back and tummy and we're having some leakage problems.

*have tried a lot of baby food and liked most of it!! You've had sweet potatoes, sweet corn, carrots (your fave!), peas, green beans (a close 2nd fave),  apples, pears, bananas and peaches (which you hated--you clamped your lips shut and weren't eating them for anything!).  It's still kind of a hit and miss with the baby food. Sometimes you eat it, but you definitely know when you're full and you will NOT take a single bite if you don't want to.

*sleeping from about 9 at night to 7 in the morning. You still wake up once around 2am or 3am for food and SOMETIMES (rarely, but it seems ALWAYS when you stay the night at a grandparents house) sleep all the way through the night.

*loving the water!! Baths, swimming--you just can't get enough. You smile the whole time and splash and giggle. Mom is so glad you like the water!!

*are on all fours!! It's so exciting to see you get on your hands and knees and bounce back and forth. I know you're just DYING to get going but haven't quite figured out the hand/knee coordination. Mama and Daddy can't wait to see you crawl!

*are driving us CRAZY with your newfound love of being on your stomach. You roll over from back to tummy and you very clearly know how to roll over from tummy to back, but you just won't do it. You get on your tummy or all 4s and then get furious and start crying until we flip you back over. I think you're just lazy! That's gonna have to change :)

*are obsessed with grabbing EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything. My hair, the remote (you ESPECIALLY love the remote), our glasses, food, laundry. Anything within a one foot radius of you, you go for it. And then if you get it, it goes straight to your mouth. Yum.

*playing with your toys a lot. You LOVE your cell phone. It doesn't quite compare for your obsession with our remote (which I still can't find a toy version of) but you like the buttons and the colors. You also really like your stuffed blocks, but you have a hard time holding to them because they're kind of big.

*have the CRAZIEST hair-dos when you wake up. It's actually something I look forward to seeing after you nap or wake up for the morning! No matter what I do, it's always crazy :)

*have been put through the cry-it-out method. Mom's not very good at it, but I'm trying. I let you cry just a little longer each time and I do good until you hit this certain cry that just breaks my heart. Daddy's better at it than I am, but the point is, I AM TRYING!! You've done pretty good with us laying you down in your bed with a bottle and putting yourself to sleep. It's more a matter of when we leave the room, you freak out. That's mostly what we're working on.

Tommy, you are just the best little baby. You're so good natured most of the time and ALWAYS wake up with a smile on your face (you get that from dad, by the way)! I wonder what I did with my life and my time before I had you. While it's still new to me to have a baby, I still marvel at the fact that our life molds perfectly around you. Before you were born,  I couldn't imagine how we would have time to do everything and kept thinking how different things were going to be. But now that you're here, it feels like you've ALWAYS been here! I love you sweet boy! Thank God for you and the love you put in our life!

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