Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have I ever mentioned.......

I LOVE where I live!! I have always lived in a small town and although a lot of people think it's boring and the majority of my high school used to say, "I can't WAIT to get out of this town," I was SO glad to stay there and have always hoped I would live in this area for the rest of my life! I mean really, what's better than knowing that your neighbor's daughter's boyfriend went to the doctor for poisin ivy or that your best friend's mother's best friend got her nails done last week?? Okay, that might be stretching it a bit, but I love, Love, LOVE the fact that I have gone to church with the same people for 15 years and that now that I have children, there's the very real possibility that they will have the same teachers I did. I truly enjoy the sense of community at Towanda/Benton days and that a lot of people really care about you because they've known you forever!

Anyways, about 2 years ago, we moved to the country about 1 mile outside of Benton. I like it because it's remote enough that, as my husband likes to say, "you can pee outside and nobody can see you," (I mean really, why else would you move to the country if not to be able to pee outdoors??), but it's close enough to Benton and Andover that if we need groceries or want to eat it, we're just a few minutes away. I have a few random shots on my camera that I love and kind of give you a feel for my every day scenery :) Enjoy!
Our little piece of Heaven right here on earth....view from the driveway after a storm!

The view looking up from laying on the ground out by the pond

I love the contrast of the blue and green in this one! We're about 1/2 a mile on the other side of the treeline. In the fall and winter, this field is FULL of deer.

Local farm about a mile up the road. When the wheat blows in the wind, it truly looks like waves in an ocean. It really is breathtaking.

So it's true........Kansas really is pretty flat. But it sure makes for an awesome horizon line!

So whether you're a city person or live for the country, God makes it ALL beautiful. I just love being out there in the middle of His creation. I don't take advantage of it like I should. We have a wrap around porch and someone said to me once when they saw it, "Oh man! I bet you sit out here every morning and drink coffee while you look at the view."...........Nope. I hate coffee, but that's beside the point :) I take my surroundings for granted a LOT. We should take evening walks to the pond and sit on the porch sipping lemonade (not coffee!) and walk to Mrs. Bickham's house (yes, we even have the little elderly lady next door--LOVE it!!) to say hi and show her the baby. Hopefully we find the motivation to start utilizing our location and enjoying all the beautiful things around us! Come see us sometime. I've got a rocking chair facing the sunset that's just calling your name!

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