Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back from vacation. Boo.

Well, we FINALLY got our vacation :) It was so nice just to get away from here for awhile--from work, bills, KANSAS! We went to Table Rock last Tuesday and had a great time. Nick finally mastered the wakeboard and I finally mastered finding my way to the campground bathroom in the middle of the night (that was fun, let me tell ya!!). It rained a lot, but was mostly just drizzly, so nothing got too wet. Our tent stayed dry--thank you Jesus--but it made the days much cooler, which I thought was a gift from God :) I DESPISE being hot, so I loved the rainy days. The boat made me nauseous, but it was fun to get to see Nick skiing and wakeboarding and doing all the man things he loves to do. I got to enjoy afternoons in the air conditioned camper napping and reading my book. Now THAT'S my idea of vacation!! It was hard to come back, but it hasn't been too bad yet. I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow!! The time seems to be going pretty quickly so far. I've had a lot to keep me busy. We're taking the kids in the youth group to Worlds/Oceans of fun this weekend and I'm very excited!! I'm just going to Oceans of fun since I can't ride the rides (and don't really enjoy them anyways) but I think the kids are getting dual passes so they can go back and forth. I just can't wait to sit in the sun all day and swim in the lazy river.........ahhhhhh, I can feel the cool water now!! Then we'll have Super Summer in August, which I am SOO stoked for!! The praise and worship leaders for the week is Rush of Fools! Can't wait to spend time with all the kids and kind of get to feel like a kid myself for awhile. I really miss going to camps and just spending a week in God's presence. It's going to be awesome and totally renewing!!

 And Stacia, thanks for blog stalking me--I blog stalk you right back :) I'm glad to know SOMEBODY is reading!! :)

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