Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day this year was super simple. I usually make home made valentines using the kids' pictures, but this year....I just didn't have it in me. I've totally hit the prioritize or die phase in life. JUST SAY NO, BRADY. So I bought Star Wars valentine's for Tommy to hand out and kitty and dog valentine's for Tess to hand out. They were ugly as sin, but the kids loved them and it saved me AMPLE amounts of time. I also cheated a little for Tommy's valentine box. They were supposed to bring one to school. Most kids made theirs........but I might have bought him a Star Wars one at Wal-mart. Oops. In all fairness, it had been a BUSY week! 

Here's sweet Tessa Grace, ready for her party!
I got to help with Tommy's class party because I'm one of the room moms (also, somebody please remind me at the beginning of next school year NOT to volunteer for that role ever again). It was a lot of fun and the kids loved handing out their valentines and playing the games.

 After Tommy's party, we went to pick up Tessa from my mom's and I got to spend a few minutes snuggling this precious little guy. He's the best valentine of all (sorry, Nick).

We didn't really do anything special. Nick and I exchanged cards (I think) and he cleaned the house for me while we were out of town (best present EVER!!!). I ended the night playing tooth fairy. Tommy had lost a tooth awhile back and he forgot to put it under his pillow a few times (it was in a baggie on his desk) and then one night, he put it under there and we totally failed as parents. The next morning, he woke up and it was still there and he said, "HEY! The tooth fairy forgot me!" I was thinking to myself...what distracts boys?! How can I make him think this is funny and intentional?! So I said, "Um, it was probably because you kept tooting in your sleep last night and you were super stinky, so she didn't want to come in your room!" Luckily, he thinks anything to do with butts is super hilarious, so he laughed and laughed and totally bought it. Whew. When the tooth fairy finally did come on Valentine's morning, she had to throw daddy under the bus to keep the focus off her failure (again...sorry, Nick).

Overall, it was a great day!

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