Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay, so it's been awhile since I've blogged. Not that anyone's following me or anything, but I was trying to challenge myself to do it at least once a week and I failed! Oh well......Nothing too new going on in life. We are officially "trying" for children :) Not going overboard with it, but just not NOT trying to have kids. I'm a little nervous, but SO excited to see what God has in store for us. Things have been going well with the youth group except for a couple of people at church who seem to think Kendra and I are too incompetent to run a youth group. The majority of the church has been awesome and supportive, but there's always that random few people who feel the need to stir up everything and cause drama. You wouldn't BELIEVE the trouble it started when we asked to paint the youth room. Oh my.....you would think a church full of Christians would have better things to do than criticize their fellow members. But we got some encouraging words from our awesome pastor and we have decided to pray the gossip right out of those people!! Any additional prayers would be appreciated! We're going on a youth trip this weekend to Tulsa, OK to go to Acquire the Fire! I'm SOOO excited for the kids to see this. I think it's going to be awesome for them and I'm praying they all grow closer to God and each other. I can't wait to see how it's going to affect their lives. They're such awesome, wonderful kids.

 I'm excited for Easter! It's also Brooke's birthday (and she won't let us forget it)! She works at Gambino's and on their community chalk board, she has a countdown going. Hmmmm.......wonder where she gets her passion for birthdays and holidays?!?! It couldn't be from her big sister, could it?

Nick and I went ice skating with the youth group last Friday. Let me tell you what an adventure that was! After 10 minutes of skating, we were done! It's hard work and those ice skates are SO uncomfortable. But we had a good time watching the kids and laughing at how funny some people look trying to skate (which is why we got off the ice--I'm sure people were laughing at OUR attempt to skate:). Nick actually did pretty well, but I got so tense because I was scared of falling that I could barely move more than an inch a minute! Kinda like life, huh? We get scared of new things and of getting hurt, so we tense up and end up in the same spot we were stuck at in the first place. Well, I hope this finds you all doing well! The next month is busy, Busy, BUSY, but hopefully I'll find time to blog!

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