About Nick

What can I say about the hubs?

He's funny. He's smart (although sometimes he says some dumb things ;). He usually sees the best in any situation (unless it comes to something going wrong with his vehicle---then he just gets really mad). He loves to hunt and fish and his newest animal related adventure has been making beef jerky--that smells DISGUSTING when he's making it, but it makes him so happy that I try really hard to ignore it (even though it permeates through the whole house). We live on 5 acres of land that has a pond and plenty of deer running around and his favorite thing to do is stand on our porch in his boxers and shoot things with his rifle just so he can say, "I shot that bird from my porch in my underwear!" He's living his dream on our property and I'm so glad he loves it so much.

He works as an operations manager. He likes what he does and works so hard. He takes pride in getting things done and getting them done right (we argue about that sometimes--my thoughts are get it done and get it done QUICK, whether it's right or not :) and that's what makes him such a great boss and employee. The majority of the people that work for him seem to really like him and it makes me so proud when we're at work functions to see the respect they give him. Because he has earned it 100%!!

He's a better father than I ever could have dreamed he would be. He loves "wrestling" with Tommy and playing football and can't wait to take him hunting. He also loves telling our little girl how pretty she looks or helping her pick out a pair of shoes that matches her dress! He disciplines them when they're naughty and praises them when they do good. He's such a good daddy!! I couldn't have asked for a better man!

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